Where there is a dip, there will be a rise - Let's make some money Gents!

  • The freefall of portfolios is concerning and the massive spread will scare new money from the platform, making quick money unavailable here. But if you are in this for the long run and want to exceed your wildest dreams, you should buckle in, double up and follow the discussions! Once the market will steady and the prices have fallen a lot, you could easily stand to make loads more on new investments than what you lost during the crisis. A classic gamblers tip: Double up when you lose!

    The Italian players have already been skydiving and are likely to parachute down a few more Pees, but will ultimately face an incline again! This is where your couch-money can be doubled. Think big, wait out the dip and you too can make a big flip.

    I am 3% down over the last 24 hours and been gathering all my cash hidden in couch cushions, old shoes and pillow cases to inject more money into my portfolio by mid April (An estimate that can change quickly). With the prospect of a huge boost will jetpack players towards the ceiling once certainty will be over FI again.

  • These are the top fallers in the top 200 in the last 3 days. There's some astounding cash to be made if you get the timing right.

    -9.85% -26p £2.38 : Dominic Calvert-Lewin
    -8.04% -18p £2.06 : Kalvin Phillips
    -7.73% -14p £1.67 : Marco Asensio
    -7.48% -16p £1.98 : Alexander Isak
    -7.46% -27p £3.35 : Alphonso Davies
    -7.14% -12p £1.56 : Suso
    -7.10% -12p £1.57 : Joe Gomez
    -6.83% -22p £3.00 : Billy Gilmour
    -6.49% -15p £2.16 : Myron Boadu
    -6.48% -21p £3.03 : Martin Odegaard
    -6.14% -14p £2.14 : Calvin Stengs
    -6.13% -13p £1.99 : Emi Buendia
    -5.98% -11p £1.73 : Takefusa Kubo
    -5.74% -12p £1.97 : Milot Rashica
    -5.71% -12p £1.98 : Moussa Diaby
    -5.70% -34p £5.63 : Jack Grealish
    -5.61% -28p £4.71 : Phil Foden
    -5.50% -11p £1.89 : Eddie Nketiah
    -5.49% -9p £1.55 : Said Benrahma
    -5.37% -11p £1.94 : Adil Aouchiche

  • Cheers Pal! Much appreciated.. May your portfolio be prosperous and patience rewarded

  • Yep, definitely, the question is who and when.

    I’ve been using my double dividends to top up on Ronaldo and Vecino. Italy / Serie A is being hit hardest, so I figure will be first to recover and start matches again.

  • So much opportunity coming up for investors.
    It’s all about timing but fo remember that you will never buy at rock bottom price.
    Soon as Pl and all European football gets postponed it will be interesting to see how FI react.

  • Just waiting on an announcement then will jump in

  • @kristiang85 said in Where there is a dip, there will be a rise - Let's make some money Gents!:

    There's some astounding cash to be made if you get the timing right.

    Any new net investment before 24/4/20 will attract the 8.25% bonus as well, so even better value to be had. I am currently biding my time until the suspensions become clearer, as it looks like the Euros will go to next Summer & most leagues MIGHT get to finish their remaining games this Summer but that could still be cancelled. FI would then likely have to announce some sort of Media Madness type promotion to fill the void.

    I tend to invest with a medium to long term view & am building a watchlist of tasty looking prices but I think they could still fall further once proper trading resumes. Just a quick congratulations to FI for widening the spreads in an attempt to protect the panic sellers from themselves but I just wish order books had been implemented already. I would have loved to buy at some of those IS prices & probably much higher, which would also benefit those determined to sell as we would BOTH get a significantly better price than is currently available to either of us.

    Simply the greatest demonstration of why order books would be a good development IMHO.

  • @ocs123 Good shout - I was thinking about Lukaku as he is a goal scoring machine and will be tapping in goal after goal in the Euroes (May it come this summer)

  • @NewUser159387 I agree.. Like regular trading, we should be able to set a non-flexible reserved price for selling / buying with a specific time horizont to get the prices we expect. Would be very beneficial to the traders and the platform I think.

  • @JonnyMcFunny

    do you think it would put off alot of users who arent traders and dont know what an order book is? would it add coplexity to something which currently is relatively straight forward?

  • @kristiang85 this is brilliant. Is there any way you could do one for the last 2 weeks?

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