EPL suspended

  • What now?

  • 4th April it will be assessed again 👍

  • Took multiple players to get it before a rare outbreak of common sense

  • I'd expect an announcement from FI by the end of the day...lots of Bruno's being brought currently on the index.

  • Keeping the powder dry for Mr Cole

  • The peak is not due to reach us for another 14 weeks which takes us to early July - there will then be a further period where
    the numbers drop off probably another 4-6 weeks which takes us to Mid August at the earliest.


    I would say that even starting the 2020/21 season on time even without trying to fit the remainder of this on in would be seriously in doubt as there will possibly need to be a period of time over and above to allow for some form of pre season training once thing get back to normal.

    One solution would be to fit in a 6 week slot in Aug - Sept to finish off this season and then have a 4 week break.
    In Mid October The 2020/21 season would begin but there would be no Cup competitions for the season, just League matches.
    Without any Cup competitions and Euro Qualifiers it would potentially shorten the season by 10/12 weeks (holding midweek league games instead) which would mean comfortably finishing it in May 2021.

    But id be living in cloud cuckoo land if i believed any of that
    so in summary.......



    In other news....


  • Yes Karen Brady!!!! Been at a crisis meeting and says the season should be null and void if it's not completed!! Oh how we can live in hope of this! So many savage Scousers if this actually happens.. .🤣🤣🤣🤣

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