Corona effect on media stories

  • So i've just seen Pogba drop from 80 to 60 media points.

    Talksport headline saying ' Pogba tells people to dab to beat coronavirus as premier league is suspended' was removed.

    Surely this will not work in the coming weeks as a lot of football news stories will be tagged to this virus. There needs to be some sensitivity towards this.

    If a player is in the media for having the virus then that's understandable, but something like this shouldn't be docked imo.

  • FI have said they will not award media points for articles regarding COVID-19.

    I do see your point, but from FI point of view its easier to apply the rule across the board and not apply any points to it.

    I sort of agree, as we should be awarding points for football stories. However, they allow stories about Pogba getting a fresh trim so you can argue it both ways.

  • If they started now you would have people complaining about other players like Rugani, Dybala, Hudson-Odoi etc.

  • The point is that there could be a football related headline, with 'Coronavirus' chucked into it.

    Something simple like ' Pogba close to coming back to action just in time as coronavirus wipes out football'

    You can't not reward this in my opinion, because we're going to see this in every headline for the next month or so.

  • Ronaldo currently on 2.85 points - any idea what that is about?

  • @kristiang85 said in Corona effect on media stories:

    Ronaldo currently on 2.85 points - any idea what that is about?

    He'll have had media stories removed manually. When this happens there media points total shows as their price through some weird system glitch

    Edit ozil, Alcantara and mendy are all the same situation

  • 0_1584119420722_20200313_144544.jpg

    4 or 5 pogba stories have appeared and disappeared, contrary to FIs stated policy. I saw this Pogba dab stuff and immediately bought another 300 Pogba based on my understanding of FI's statement which was clear and unequivocal

    "We will not be attributing Media articles relating to any diagnosis of a footballer with coronavirus"

    These dab stories at a time where theres treble media for the foreseeable, should have been very lucrative based on all information communicated from FI. Now it appears they are not honouring this position.

    Needs sorting ASAP and these stories need to be re-attributed. @DANFI

    If people know other staff names please tag them

  • @MickTurbo message them direct for clarification mate I was wondering the same timing as the C word will be in lots of stories we kinda need to know

  • @Sav2000 I'll email em

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    @MickTurbo im on live chat
    They have said 'all stories will be removed' and im currently waiting on a reply to why they shouldnt be OR that they need to clarify

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    I missed that one, seems pretty clear

  • @MrWh1te I’m which case we all know where we stand transfer and contract rumours it is then

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    @Sav2000 yup

  • @MrWh1te when was that put out? Just now I suppose?

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    @MickTurbo Yesterday

  • Yeah said on another thread all my remaining money on transfer spec with whats happening especially out of contract players (Willian, Mertens etc)

  • We all need to be pressing fi for concrete mb rules and pb rules, then we can all trade accordingly to the rules! End of... We shouldn't have to keep gambling on gambling... Its a double bet currently, betting on the events and betting what fi will do.

  • That later message is a load of bullshit. They need to employ somebody who can actually articulate a point.

    Stable doors and bolted horses yet again

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    I think that is a bit harsh.
    Whole countries, with all their scientific knowledge etc don't know what to do.

    FI are reacting as quickly as possible and I think they should be commended on what they are doing

  • @Westy To be honest FI has been doing nothing than promoting short term trading for a while now ever since the first promos started around transfer season. Ever since then the market is in a constant state of disarray and people don't know whether to stick or twist. You make one bad move and that could have disastrous implications on your portfolio. As much as I like the extra cash from the promos e don't think they are beneficial to the longevity and stability of the platform

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