Profits - who is up this week?

  • ive just market listed vardy and piatek to try and get some cash balance now, as they are dead money, but not hopeful they will sell and have set a reserve price too, not willing to accept too low a price, as i believe they will go up eventually so need to be sure i can make enough on new players to warrant the loss

  • @Sol lovely Bruno. I swopped one annoying twat (Neymar ) for another (Pogba) 😀

  • @LittleFish said in Profits - who is up this week?:

    @Sol lovely Bruno. I stopped one annoying twat (Neymar ) for another (Pogba) 😀


  • @Sol Neymar with all the raping, fighting, red cards, partying is an anoying hold for PB. I must have got one of the last market sales on him before all this kicked off.

  • Been building an MB portfolio in preparation for the media review so got lucky. Port is about 80% MB so:

  • @LittleFish ‘With all the raping’ 😂🤣

  • woke up tuesday morning was up £1000 overnight..then obviously yday everyone took a massive hit and i went from 5100 to 4500 but now as i speak its up to 4800 so i cant complain not had a massive damage

  • Up 6%, one of my best weeks, and entirely down to a large holding in Pog & Bruno

    I got lucky scaling my port back recently to pay for a wedding, and chopped all of the lower valued and pure pb players out a good month ago - this coronavirus drop has been kind to me (unless the wedding is cancelled)

    Doubt there’s many people up his week not holding the big hitters!

  • To make the fellow sufferers feel a bit better

    0_1584134433470_24 hour.png

    I've been on a downward spiral for about a month which was compounded yesterday.
    On a positive though my 24 hour is in green for what feels like the first time in a long time. Made a couple of adjustments to portfolio and have a 6k cash balance to pump in once I feel fully confident in current situation.

  • I'm up 3.77% in 7 days. :-)

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