Does this announcement....

  • Render 95% of the market worthless? 🤔

    Probably have about 20-25 names who are likely to win, then the lucky dip of a transfer link.

    This is the game we are playing for the next month or longer it seems.


    People can't cash out on those spreads.

    Everybody happy? 😐

  • Personally i think they will announce something else ( or at least i hope) once euros are cancelled. At the moment i am to say the least underwhelmed.

  • @London-Is-Blue think we have a month of this. They will evaluate 3rd April

  • Banned

    I think they should NOT announce more atm.

    They have added big div increase, they have to ensure they keep money in (which seems to have settled with spreads) and they can afford divs.

    I dont want them over-stretching

  • @Ericali Could very well be the case.

  • Its complex. Yeh they aren't gonna make a single PB payment for the foreseeable but often they get off lightly with PB, see Aranguiz last night. MB is gonna be hosed up by top players with masses of shares owned
    That said, I do think they could have pushed the boat out a little more

  • Listening to the government and the experts the 3rd April restart aint happening.Could be looking at May at earliest.Although China are recovering somewhat dont be suprised if this rears its ugly head again in 6 months time.China wont change.

  • Well pretty much no bookie or other competitor can offer anything at the moment so for me it’s win.

    Stop moaning ffs. 👍👍👍

  • @Ericali It will be absolutely clear well before the 3rd April what is happening with football and sport as a general concern. Don't expect a ball to be kicked until May so FI will need to be ready to implement their plan in the next week or 2 in my view.

  • Few players in this game.

    Bruno, Neymar, Pogba, Kane, Sterling, Salah, Messi, Ronaldo, VVD, Rashford, Ighalo

    Sancho, Werner, Havertz, Mbappe, Bellingham, Maddison, Sane, Dembele - then everyone else who's flavour of the day in the current lottery of newspaper rumours 😂

  • @Ericali You can add Kane in that MB bunch aswell imo.

  • Yea I’d imagine they have held a few cards up their sleeves as they will need to be reactive but not over-reactive to developments that are completely out of their control.

    There is still too much ever changing uncertainty to apply a promotion that will adequately maintain the platform. Constant re-adjustments to a promotion to deal with ever-changing competition return dates could be equally damaging to the platform.

    All eyes on Italy for the time being - Nerves will begin to calm once they start discussing a date/plan for the return of domestic fixtures, hopefully we will start hearing whispers towards the end of the month.

  • @gball1975 he's in there 👍

  • @London-Is-Blue said in Does this announcement....:

    Personally i think they will announce something else ( or at least i hope) once euros are cancelled. At the moment i am to say the least underwhelmed.

    Yeah I’m with you on this one. As of writing the Euros are still officially on with not cancellations yet. Once euros are definitely cancelled/postponed, that’s when I think they’ll give us some sort of bonus or incentive to keep money in over the summer.

    Can’t really expect FI to give us everything all at once. They’ve already doubled divs for us for a month

  • @Tom77 Wish you all the best with your portfolio over coming weeks.

  • @Chewbacker said in Does this announcement....:

    @Tom77 Wish you all the best with your portfolio over coming weeks.

    I noticed you said you sold up, all the best👍
    What are you trying to achieve?
    You no longer live in the index world.
    Do you want the platform to fail because you sold up?, that’s what it sounds like.

  • The predictions are for the virus to peak late May/early June. No way will football start in April. The season is over. FI should just give the market a little time now. Keep spreads as they are. Let the situation sink into traders for awhile.

  • Not sure what else people wanted. They will hold new promos back to use as the lack of football continues on. If they were to add a new win mechanism to add value to the rest of the market then they would get moaned at for moving the goal posts again and upset all those who had arranged their ports in anticipation of no football. It wont be long before people start preparing for the football returning and start buying up the now cheaper PB players and so the trading nature of the platform will restart

  • @LittleFish I agree. Think the virus will get bigger over the next few weeks with schools shutting etc.

    No way football comes back in April.

    This is the situation for a while.

  • Just to put a bit of context to what’s happened.
    There are 21 days between today and 3rd April. 10 of those were always planned to be media days anyway and one was the international play-offs (ie next to useless in FI terms. We therefore only have 10 days which would have been game days. It’s not the end of the world and I am confident that as time passes and there are more concrete plans by the leagues and UEFA FI will react with a plan.

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