Mariano Diaz

  • Hi everyone, seen Mariano Diaz at 89p...looks to be a very cheap price for a player who’s going well at a respected club (Lyon).

    His price has steadily dropped over the last 3 months yet his stats are good up front for Lyon this year, scored 16 goals, and he is 24 years old. I’ve only joined FI since he’s been on that steady decline so am wondering if someone could explain why his price has steadily decreased/what triggered it, and why he would be so cheap when he is the 4th top scorer in France (Neymar/Cavani/Falcao the only 3 above him).


  • I initially thought the same as you in that he looked a great buy but it turns out it's pretty simple, his PB scores have been atrocious so far. He would have to score a hat trick to be in with a chance of winning. I've seen a few people go into him big style before a match and he always disappoints and the money goes straight back out.

    You never know though he could hit a rich vein of form and scoring a lot of goals in a short space of time will see his price rise regardless of his actual scores (just look at Under). If you are gonna buy into him now seems as good a time as any but there may be better options even at that price range.

  • @Jazzman cheers, much appreciated. I’ll swerve him for now as the recent posts of players under £1 offer far better alternatives with a lot of positive reasoning behind them

  • He dropped a lot when Lyon went out of EL. No WC. No MB no transfer rumours as far as I know , these are the things that drive the market

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