In Game Plays

  • HI, I appreciate there is no football being played and this might feel like the wrong time to ask...

    I'm a newbie, not ashamed, still finding my way around, now have a portfolio that I'm happy with, not looking to sell, seen enough crashes over the years to know that it will all comeback at some stage.

    I've been catching up with as many of the posts as possible and keep seeing traders stating they play in game plays. After seeing the reaction to Eric Dier and some of the Madrid players, I wondered the pros and cons, what to look out for, basically a greater understanding before deciding that's a possible road for me when things get back to normal.

    Any sound advise please?

  • @NewUser558179 you seem to be talking about reacting to live events. Like Dier, like the Granit Xhaka tiff with the arsenal fans etc.

    Yeh you can make money this way but u need to be careful. If Luca Digne gets injured then you can bet Leighton Baines will spike. If Pogba returns to the team you can bet he wins media, likewise if Harry Kane scores and takes his shirt off to reveal a Gunners badge tattooed on his chest. If a 20p player scores a hat trick in a noon kick off on a gold day hes gonna absolutely fly.

    But if somebody chucks a banana at Ngolo Kante dont go piling in because any MB stories will get removed and any cap app will very soon disappear

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