Contingency Plans & Growth Opportunity for FI

  • Forgive me for going off on a bit of a tangent at this difficult time, but wanted to throw a few questions out there and see what the people of the forum think.

    Outside of FI, what are the contingency plans in place for bookies, football clubs and the media?


    There's a huge number of gamblers out there who suddenly don't have anything to bet on. Virtual casinos just won't cut it. The weather??? Those people are unlikely to just stop as it's ingrained into their life and weekend. They need to fill the void.

    Could FI Media do this? Could this be a huge opportunity to attract new users?

    I'm the first to moan about the faults with MB but it is what it is. Our granny gear for the time being. Not what we want, but it will get us home and dry.

    Should gamblers find out about daily wins for footballers on FI, this place could come out stronger than before because they offer sonething different. Something to fill the gap.

    It genuinely wouldn't surprise me if a bookie created something similar to MB if this lasts for months.

    Football Clubs

    Not familiar with the ins and outs here, but out of interest, what would clubs do if there were no matches for 6+ months? Continue paying huge wages for players who are self-isolating at home? The revenue would surely dry up in no time with no gate receipts or TV revenue?

    Is there an insurance policy for this sort of thing?


    They've paid huge sums of money to the leagues/ clubs to show their live matches. In return, they receive income via subscriptions.

    Subscribers now want their money back as no live games. Are the media companies protected? Will they receive refunds?

    So, could this turn into an opportunity for FI to fill the void, and just in general, how on earth is all of this going to be paid for and by whom?

    Good luck to all.

    Pleased to see some great advice here today and balanced views. Personally, FI have got it right in my opinion in an extremely difficult situation.

  • @Metropolis yes. This would be a great opportunity to push that media review forward along with an advertising push within apps and website pop ups to draw in those looking for a good bet

  • @Black-wolf agree, but only issue with a Media review is that it would most likely create more trading which is kind of impossible right now with the spreads and panic around.

    Agree with the advertising though.

  • Agree, as a m/b 'er i've taken my money out of there for now and gonna invest more into here. Can't see anything decent from the bookies for a while

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