My point of view...current situation.

  • Thouht I'd put my 2 pennies worth in the mix;

    Am I slightly pissed with what FI and Mr.Cole have offered....yes!!! 🤬
    Have I heard alot of crap from traders today god YES!!!!!!!! 🤦‍♂️

    So, I have cut my port down to 9 players over the last few weeks with lots of options across the board for those 9 players.

    With the football cancelled for basically at least a 1 month, focus is on MB yeah? Right then, out of my 9 players I have within that;

    ...all massive MB potential for the obvious reasons. My port is up 6% in 24hrs, personally I was expecting higher increase especially with today's 'announcement'.

    Yes I am disappointed in the announcement as some of you know, I really believe it should be increased MB places and increased MB dividends...but I am certainly not going to throw my toys out of the pan and quit FI and sell up.

    I think a further announcement will come across but maybe not until football is announced it will be up and running again.

    In the meantime, if traders want go, then go but it will probably cost you with the huge spreads but stop screaming about it.
    If you wanna stay, you may see a slight drop but wait it out and I really think it will be worth while. Remember...Football is FOREVER!!!

    That's is all...simple really.

  • I was never expecting more than treble media days (with double dividends) until at least Tuesday. Once the future of the Euro's is known then I fully expect them to announce Media Madness launch date and possibly another transfer dividend.

    It is going to be a long Summer and to be fair to FI they have to keep a few goodies back and wait until we all know what is happening.

    I am not going anywhere. It is going to be a boring weekend with no sport though!! Good luck to everyone!!

  • @Martyn-B exactly this and we’ve seen the same comments regarding the media days all day.

    They wont announce any promotion until it’s confirmed matches are definitely off for x number of months.

    They’ll need time to work out what they can afford based on money in and out of the index; have some fucking patience guys, they had planned for the Euros so now they have change and risk assess anything new give them a break for at least a week.

    I’ll be the first kicking off if it stays just media days until August but for now it’s better than nothing.

  • Just remember if football is suspended for say 2 months then thats 2 months of fixtures played throughout the summer to conclude the leagues. Euros or not we will most likely have plenty of football over the summer, we may actually end up with more football

  • @Black-wolf Leagues extended into summer and transfers...could actually be better than having the Euros..more profitable for us at least.

  • I'm down quite a bit although a tiny bounce in the past 24hrs.
    My port was around £1k before I sold a few players and restructured last month for some Bronze Day action.
    Piled all of it into Liverpool and Juventus players.
    Sold Alisson when he was injured last week but still have the rest. Fuck all I can do with them now.
    0_1584145963770_Screenshot (1).png
    Not much in the way of MB there and no choice but to sit on them and wait until it improves.
    No money to invest in others right now either 🤔😢

  • @dean73 VVD and ronaldo are decent MB holds. Looking at your port though you havent suffered unrecoverable losses. When money starts to move back into the rest of the market in preparation of matchdays you will be sitting in a decent position

  • @Black-wolf I'm trying not to think/worry about it tbh.
    I bought into these players mainly because Liverpool had 4 Bronze days & Juventus had 3.
    But tbh everything went to shit straight afterwards. Henderson injury, Juve losing at Lyon, Liverpool's form dropping through the floor, Serie A games postponed, Alisson injury, Liverpool going out of the CL.
    I don't normally like to invest in old players but Bonucci and Ronaldo were solid holds due to CL, likely Serie A champions and then the Euros but with the 1-0 loss in Lyon and the coronavirus, it aint looking so pretty.
    Just have to be patient and ride it out.

  • @dean73 great advice from @Black-wolf. 👍🏼

  • @Black-wolf said in My point of view...current situation.:

    Just remember if football is suspended for say 2 months then thats 2 months of fixtures played throughout the summer to conclude the leagues. Euros or not we will most likely have plenty of football over the summer, we may actually end up with more football

    Whilst I genuinely respect you opinion and posts I have to bring you to task over this can we end up with more football, how? They can only play the games that have been postponed so at best case we get the amount we should have had to finish leagues

    Think you had a brain fart whilst typing that out and didn't even register it 😉

  • Personally, I have £400 in the FI 'bank'...think I will just sit in that and wait and be happy with the port I have for a month. No on can get injured so just bring in the MB dividends.

  • @Ddr what i mean is a smaller period without football than last summer. It wasnt a brain fart if the Euros were on we may have 2 or 3 games per day and only certain players involved if we have all the rescheduled games we could have 10 or more games per day plus a lot more PB eligible holds into and throughout the summer

  • @Black-wolf Ronaldo won me 65p (and another 65p when they dish out the double later) and I succumbed and picked up a massive 5 Brunos so that's another 25p (+25p).
    Not sure what I'm going to do with my £1.80 though 😏
    Hmm, I see John Obi Mikel has left Trabzonspor this evening and is now a free agent.
    There were rumours last week he may rejoin Chelsea in some kind of coaching capacity. That wouldn't be good as he'd then retire and be worth nothing but he might get a bit of MB in the meantime.
    He's only 32 so not sure he'd be retiring any time soon, might get linked with a few clubs as there's little else to be talking about right now. He's only 13p and if he gets some decent MB, it just takes a day or two of it for him to be worth gambling on.
    I've grabbed a small amount just as an interest bet.

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