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  • @FranklynMary I'm not sure staying up would be the best case scenario though. He might be better if Newcastle get relegated which could drum up some transfer interest. Can't see his price falling any lower anyway so not got much to lose.

  • @Stevo Toon fan here. Murphy had a rough start, at £12m he was our most expensive signing last summer (thanks Mike) so a lot was expected of him. Was coming off the bench initially and to be honest looked pretty crap.

    As the season went on though he got a few starts and seemed to grow in confidence, scored against City and had a nice assist against someone else, I forget who. He's got bags of pace, skill and a good shot on him. still raw though. His last season in the Champ with Norwich he got 8 goals and 8 assists in 37 games. Definite potential no doubt.

    Considering he's still only 5p above his IPO price he's virtually no risk, but you might be waiting a while to see any growth. I think Kennedy, Ritchie and Atsu are ahead of him in the pecking order currently, although Rafa does like to rotate so he'll probably get a few starts between now and the end of the season.

  • Angel gomes of man United, and Diaz of man City look top talent for future.

  • I've just bought into Thilo Kehrer. On the trending list currently but I had been watching him for a while, should have bought earlier. IPO'd at 50p and now 61p, fairly low risk. Young, highly rated German centre back playing regularly with Schalke (think he's injured atm though). He has been linked with Barca recently. Contract talks seem to have stalled so likely on the move this summer.

  • Theo hernandez next Marcelo

  • @Jazzman ok cheers mate. Not the end of the world if it doesn't work out. Being English helps though.

  • @Stevo I'd still say he's a decent investment, depends on your overall strategy though. He seems to be well thought of and works hard, hopefully for me as a toon fan and you as a trader Rafa can turn him into a superstar!

  • Here's a few

    Pavard - good stats in bundesliga, in France squad and lots of transfer gossip, should have big future

    Akanji - looks like 1st choice Swiss CB and future 1st choice at Dortmund (just moved there). Good stats, young

    Haidara - EL plus transfer likely

    Mojica - dead cheap 38p attacking fullback with Girona and Colombia. Not sure if he's first choice for Colombia but he played 1 of the friendlies

  • M’Baye Niang would be / is my pick. Senegalese sonoff to WC, Serie A performer with Torino and will have transfer romours over the Summer, Cheap and also a little unhinged (smashed up a Porsche) and like a little trouble.
    Most importantly a good player..

  • Breel Embolo
    Will play for Switzerland
    Linked to big clubs 2 years ago heavily then he got injured.
    Attacker. 87p.

  • Oliver Burke is my long term investment. Came to WBA for PL football this season for 15mil but has been injury hit season. Just back to fitness so should begin to play again. WBA are definately going down so expect transfer spec and he will be staying in PL.

    0.58p is a steal

  • @NewUser127981 Hans Hateboer 24 starting regular for club also just got his first call up for Netherlands 42p per share

  • I’ve got 3 Chelsea youngsters. Callum Hudson Odoi 94p, Mason Mount 69p (on loan at Vitrsse Arnhem) and Dijon Stirling. 47p. All still close to there IOP’s
    I know Chelsea got a bad rep for bringing through youngsters but next seasons some of these if not all will get game time and I reckon particularly Hudson Odoi will impress (could be next Rashford).

  • Dani Garcia, free transfer in summer so has to move, IPO'd at 50 is now 55p so you literally cant lose, linked to newcastle. Anyonee that knows me knows i love a free transfer, all my free transfer players are booming.

  • @NewUser45842 said in Cheap Players:

    I’ve got 3 Chelsea youngsters. Callum Hudson Odoi 94p, Mason Mount 69p (on loan at Vitrsse Arnhem) and Dijon Stirling. 47p. All still close to there IOP’s
    I know Chelsea got a bad rep for bringing through youngsters but next seasons some of these if not all will get game time and I reckon particularly Hudson Odoi will impress (could be next Rashford).

    No offence mate, but they are not not cheap, you have a lot of cash tied up in them players that cant earn PB, earning you no cash, and no guarantee they will get first team football or a transfer to the top 5 leagues, you could be making your money work so much better for you when there are much cheaper young players such as Jonathan Bamba, Luka Jovic as 2 very good examples, already doing it in the first team much cheaper, ones a free transfer so will nearly double in price by the business end fo the season.

  • @SMacFI I got on him at 51p. Linked to the prem.cant really go wrong at the price. Definitely leaving his club also.

  • Looking at this thread and twitter threads has opened my eyes to the strong gains that can be made outside of the big boys and their dividends.

    Ciciretti looks a good buy at 63p as he’s signed for Napoli as far as I can tell on a long contract (so they must have confidence in his abilities) and all the other forwards there are at least £1.20ish, so room for potential growth (he might not get that far but I imagine he would work towards 90p or so at least). Only trouble is that he’s on the trending page so people might have already taken a bit of potential out of him.

    Odriozola looks heavily touted as one for the future as well (if I remember rightly he’s around the 90p mark) and from what I look at on google, he’s been linked with United (the MB promised land) as their new right back as Valencia is getting on a bit and Darmian is finally leaving. If he moves to United then he could easily make a climb to £1.30 or so on/around the days of the deal being made so there’s a decent bit of potential there.

    Jonathan Bamba on a free is a good shout too as he’s obviously leaving.

    My favourite of this category, who I’ve bought in to myself with my final pennies is the guy from Basel - Elyounoussi. Looks a quality player and has a good rep after scoring against City in the Champs League and has been quoted himself (not just speculative ramblings with no quotes or context) as talking about how a team from England who normally finishes top 4 (presumably arsenal) have been watching him for a long time and he goes on to name the price they’ll need to spend if Basel want to negotiate. It’s only 13m which in today’s world isn’t a lot for a decent front player. If it doesn’t work out for a move to Arsenal then there’s also a theory he could replace Mahrez at Leicester if he moves on. Think he’s about 70-75p at the moment but if he moves then can see him climbing to well beyond £1...if he climbs even to only £1 then it’s around a 35% profit on him.

    In terms of potential growth in this category of player, Doucoure has opened my eyes to the possibilities as he’s gone from around 90p to £1.30 in a short time which is nearly a 50% ROI. I just wish I’d have had the nous to get on :(

  • @Golfing-Grandad most of my profile is all below £1-£150 max, you minimise your risk as its low risk, but can be very high reward if you get on a player that will move to a bigger club, free transfers are the best example, as there %100 going to move, and English teams can afford the bigger wages to attract them to the premership especially with out paying a transfer free so even more money for wages.

  • @Golfing-Grandad

    I got doucoure at 1.22, just hoping for that big transfer in the summer!

  • @Golfing-Grandad said in Cheap Players:


    Very good post, cant say I know much about your guy from Basil, and i am always wary about investing in players out with the top 5 leagues, incase it don't happen.

    But my favourite of your picks there is Jonathan Bamba, Scored for the U21s this week, out of contract in the summer, so you know it will definitely happen, and as theres no transfer free, everyones intreated and the English teams can afford to pay more in wages, so free transfers normally come to England, I have basically built my profile around free transfers, hovering them all up now while cheap and over shadowed by the world cup, then when the money changes from WC to Transfers, boom

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