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    @Golfing-Grandad Max Meyer, liverpool, arsenal, man u links. Jonathan Bamba very exciting u21 winger. My personal fav Mario Baloitelli, 21 goals in 27 games for an average french team, MB magnet if came to prem. Asamoah, juve, Chealsea links. Amin Younes, google them all do your own reserch. But free transfers yiy know they wull move, unlike 20 players getting liked to one club, only one will move.

    I’ve seen Max Meyer but sadly already gone up quite a bit this week (was thinking of getting him but didn’t think his price would alter for a few weeks yet with WC coming up and people’s attention being on that) and am always worried about buying in when they’ve just had a decent rise as biggest fear is buying at peak and then not having anything to sell at. I also take your point you mentioned in the other post about how if they’re from outside the top 5 leagues then it’s dangerous if they don’t move. Makes total sense. On the optimistic flip-side, if they do move then their price should fly if they’re 75p outside top 5 leagues and then move into qualifying for PB every single week, then increase should be quite good?

  • Yeah I am also never a fan of buying on a peak, but then some players just don't stop and you could have bought in a few time over and still made profit, IMO Mayer will break the £2 barrier at some stage, the way i see it were a long time away from the business end of the transfer window yet, so any movement now is minimal to whats to come, get in early be patient and theres only one way them players are going when the WC cash comes flooding back in to the transfer market. if you find any other good free transfers while your looking give me a shout

  • @NewUser136187 I have always wanted to get on Doucoure but always other opportunities beat me to it , can see him hitting £2 easy if a transfer happens.

  • @SMacFI more ‘when then ‘if’ mate! ;)

  • When you see Phil foden at £1.61 then theres value i think in players like brewster and hudson odoi. £1.11 and 0.97 respectively and the other U20 world cup winning player who may be getting a shout of 1st team minutes.

  • @SMacFI
    With younger players who will likely move like Bamba and others who have been mentioned, is that to sell at the peak of interest maybe just before it’s official or is it a plan to keep long term? Because a player like him would increase in value for sure but once the move is done I can’t see them getting a lot of PB or MB so therefore their value could drop again?

  • @Golfing-Grandad yeah basically. Which could be said if anyone didn't transfer regardless of the price. The beauty of Bamba is he's a free at the end of the season and has said he is definitely leaving St Ettiene. Add to that the links to the premiership and I predicted a high likelihood he would rise. I just decided to take the profit in case the worst happened and he got injured or agreed a move out of left field to maybe a Porto or an Ajax or something who aren't in a qualifying league. Very happy to turn potential into profit even if it means losing out on a little bit more profit.

  • @FranklynMary every single player regardles of quality peaks before the transfer then drops a bit after. Newcastle will improve next year and have become a bit of a feeder club, if bamba had a good season at newcastle, imagine his worth then, hes already proven at U 21 level. Every one has differant stratagies and exit points, thats the great thing wth the index

  • @FranklynMary yeah that's where your understanding of the market comes in. If they go to a team in Europe it may be a shout to hold for PB or a top team in their country. But you need to know they're gonna go and be regular starters. See what similar players with similar PB scores are valued at. It's about your own gut instincts really on whether to sell or hold.

  • Another prime example of how there are opportunities everywhere... Diego Reyes of Porto. He's a Uruguay centre half and I'll 95% certainty be at the world cup. And Uruguay have just had two bad injuries to centre halves. So he'll likely start. And again he's at a low price of 64p. Definitely some potential to rise considering Uruguay are very likely to romp their group and keep clean sheets along the way. This is one I fancy to get to at least 90p before/during the group stages.... Nearly 33% rise... Would be lovely. Always new opportunities based on the situations that arise.

  • Filipe Luis makes an easy short term flip returning from injury. Still only 84p and was £1.18 prior to his injury

  • On the cheap players bracket I picked up the below
    Caldara, goalscoring dedender currently on loan at Atalanta, going back to Juventus at the ne of the season to replace their aging stars, currently at 75p, can see him hitting £1.25 easily next year for a 50% ROI
    Bentancour, young mid up and coming at Juve, didn’t play much this season as being blooded in the team, sure starter for Uruguay at the WC, currently at 90p, great atata when he plays and not goal shy, can hit Pjanic benchmark of £1.80, 100% ROI
    Lastly Diallo, French U21 Captain, playing in a poor team at the moment, Arsenal amongst other teams are sniffing around, can see him moving/be at the centre of a transfer saga and hit £1 soon

  • I do love these cheap player under a £1 discussions, for me thats where the proper traders show there value unearthing hidden gems through research, anyone can jump on the top end players, don't get me wrong its good to have a balance in your portfolio, but realistically all the £4 and above players are out of reach to a lot of traders and can be a bit scary to some new traders, so posts like this are great. Some very good suggestions guys

  • @Ermejo Nice thought process on all. Any idea why Caldara's price has dropped so much?

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    Not a play i know anything about, maybe an injury or just not been cutting it at PB is the normal reasons or renewed his contract also results in a price drop.

  • @Ermejo I've not heard of the Atalanta guy. But bentacur, I believe come the world cup he'll be rising in price. He'll do well in WC. Diallo... He's not seeing to have much interest since January according to the tabloids. Some interesting investments tho.

  • @NewUser85872
    Not sure why Caldara has dropped, perhaps someone got tired of waiting and sold him with others following after seeing the price drop? I know it will rise nicely when people realise he will be at Juve next year

  • Just sat here and thought of another, I don't know to much about the French team so maybe someone can shine some light on this but Corentin Tolisso playing for one of the best teams still in the CL and am guessing will be going to the world cup with France only 22 years old yet £1.18 you would struggle to find any midfielder left in the CL and in one of the favourite teams for the world cup as well for under £2 surely.

  • A name we're all familiar with I'm sure but no doubt Mario Gotze is worth a few shares? Not the best season for him along with Dortmund going out of EL etc. Also he wasn't included in the friendlies (but so did a few big names anyway). But considering less than a month ago he was around £1 and now he's 87p a share, if he can regularly get in and puts in some good performances before the end of the season, you'd expect him to go to the WC and go up again in value

  • @FranklynMary Ntcham from Celtic is around 50p. I think he's a good bet.

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