MB Closing at 3pm

  • Perhaps they should extend the places to the top 5 (4 & 5 getting 2p / 1p each) and extend the time period to 9pm

    In its current form, i suspect trading will just die a death after 3pm every day

  • Interesting point. I wonder why they haven't always kept media day deadlines as different. If a random was winning late in the evening it'd see a flurry of purchases. Would be a good money maker for FI and give people something to follow on non match days... which we're about to have a lot of!

  • I'm bored for obvious reasons. Been watching the ticker and am amazed at the number of sales for the Magnificent Manchester Three, particularly Bruno after the three o'clock cut off.

  • Sounds a good idea, was waiting myself for money to come into bank today to invest more. Didn't arrive till 3:30pm though! :-(

  • I think that would be a good idea to increase trading. I think they’ll come up with something next week as they need trading to make money.

  • I mentioned a few weeks back on another thread about using a timed interval system for MB.

    Something like;

    00:01 - 10:00 - top 2 places paid
    10:01 - 15:00 - top 3 places paid
    15:01 - 00:00 - top 2 places paid

    Looks far more appealing now we have an indefinite media only period.

  • Why don't they have media dividends for top 3/5 places in say the top 200 and also the squad list ? Maybe it would keep people interested at both ends of the market.

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