FAO United fans- who do you need?

  • It looks increasingly likely that united are gonna be dominating mb for the next month given the bias inherited in the list of terms.

    Obviously we know that Bruno will dominate for next week or so or potentially longer, with a bit of support from ighalo and Pogba.

    Once that wears off the media will probably get bored and start the roulette of linking random players to the club. So for united fans, what position do you need and who do you think will be linked? Obscure links welcome!

  • Aside from the obvious Sancho & Grealish links I predict Koulibaly will get strong links at some point - decent value at £1.41 considering Maguire went to around £2.50 during his transfer speculation peak.

    Hefty buy out clause but that will only fuel the speculation further.

    I don’t own him before anyone accuses me of pumping.

  • Im no United fan and dont hold this player but if you are asking who WILL they sign i cant tell you, if you are asking who will be linked it will be Jadon Sancho, it always is.

    2 players i do hold who i think will be linked are Maddison (I dont believe Pogba will stay) and Jimenez

  • Moussa Dembele is another who we were linked strongly to last summer - not sure if he is good value or not at his current price though.

  • With Pogbas future in the air we have already and will continue to be linked to lots of CMs i reckon. Zakaria is the most recent one meanwhile January it was Soumare.

  • Surely Jack Grealish will be linked to them throughout Summer, especially if Villa go down (obviously depends on what happens with the leagues) United say they interested, he say's he doesn't want to leave his boyhood club etc etc

  • Has to be sancho imo. Demebele has been linked in past 2 windows now but maybe ighalo has filled that void...🤔 plenty of competition for places now. I would rather get rid of Phil Jones and not sign anyone....🤣

  • Not a United fan, but a forward is what they need. A no. 10 style player.

    Dybala (previous links and marquee signing)

    Griezman (as above and unsettled at Barcelona)

  • @Metropolis isn't the number 10 Brunos to lose?

  • Henderson, AWB, Maguire, Upamenco, Shaw, Thomas, Grealish, Fernandes, Sancho, Martial, Rashford 😃

  • @Dan-w not sure I'd consider him a 10. No. 8 maybe?

    Not doubting his place in the team is secure though.

  • @Millonarios I totally agree that pogba will be off in the summer. I can def see Utd signing Grealish but not sure where maddison will fit in. I hold Maddison as well. Bought him a couple of weeks back thinking he had good fixtures and an eng call up but you win some and loose some.
    I think Dembele and edouard will be linked with Utd.

  • I'm sure we'll be linked with hundreds of players over the summer, but Sancho is the big one. United need someone of the highest quality on the right, he's extremely marketable, he wants to leave Dortmund, he (apparently) enjoyed life in Manchester, has close friends in the area and at the club, won't return to city, won't sit on the bench for the bin-dippers and can't see klopp wanting to disrupt his forwards, Chelsea is a possibility but highly unlikely with pulisic, cho, ziyech etc. Ole has promoted youth, and there are more players coming out of the academy for a number of positions, but the right wing is not one of those positions (Tahith Chong aside). We will absolutely upgrade on the Mata/Pereira/Dalot situation on the right, and Sancho is top of the list.
    If/when Pogba gets sold, and villa go down, then Grealish seems very likely too, but other than that all the buzz with the fans is about seeing players promoted from within the club getting more time, Gomes, Laird, Garner, Levitt, fosu-mensah, tuanzebe, Williams.

  • They might just say let’s sign Neymar! Stranger things have happened in football. The absolute marquee signing Man Utd need to fill that problematic striker position. Straight swap with Pogba? If that happens expect both Neymar and Pogba to rocket 🚀 both will rise in value at those clubs - and no need to worry about selling up! We can all dream.......

  • Denis Zakaria had multiple links already. Seems to be going to a PL club according to the media.

  • I hold van de Beek, Soumare and Zakaria all for the potential United transfer spec.

    As a Leicester fan and watching Maddison play week in week out, I'd say Grealish is a much better fit for them. Bruno and Maddison would be very narrow options whereas Grealish offers much needed strength out wide. Maddison will undoubtedly get links but my guess is Grealish will be their top pick.

  • Harry Kane if they want to win the league

  • Sancho is for sure the number one target, i think Pogba stays so i think Grealish to Utd is looking iffy at best at this stage. I would say the Madison transfer is dead in the water because Leicester want too much for him so if you want another mid if Pogba stays you would just get Grealish but as i say i don't think they will do either. Timo Werner is a decent shout, but again the risk is that utd board cheap skate out and just get Igahlo instead. Can't see us getting another DM more likely they just give Matic the 2 year contract he wants. I think that jude bellingham might get done but is probably a low priority and even if they did it would probably be a loan back to Birmingham next season. I think that there is a distinct possibility that we sign Sancho and then that's it.

  • Hopefully Man Utd go for Grealish anything help stop the scouse scum winning the league. Come on you mighty Pies after a great win against Eastleigh.

  • I think pogba will leave so this what I think they need if he leaves, if they want to get close to challenging for the league. First of all a winger (Sancho springs to mind, now Ziyech isn’t available), secondly is a midfielder Grealish would the ideal choice IMO but Van De Beek also could be another option. I think they need a top class striker too Moussa Dembele or maybe Werner, even if they think Martial is that guy, teams still need 2 really good strikers to be successful on multiple fronts (look at City). A centre back would also be ideal but beggars can’t be choosers! I think a winger, CM and Striker will be the priorities in the summer

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