Tony Martial Underpriced?

  • Martial seems underpriced compared to other United players despite scoring big goals in big games. Why though?

  • @King888 no football on.

    He struggles to get the most media in his own house. 🏠

  • He will always underperform with so many other stars in that side wether pb or mb.
    Bruno, Pogba, Fred, Rashford will all get buyers money before Martial unfortunately.

  • @King888 if anything I’d say he is overpriced. +£2 for a player who doesn’t win divs is essentially almost useless imo. Can’t even win MB at his own club with Bruno, Pogba, Ighalo and he will continue to not win with any additional signings coming in at Utd over the summer. The fact that he competes with Rashford for PB is also a downside, with Rashford almost always going to score more. I’m amazed he’s at the price he is

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