Danny Rose

  • Would it be worth investing in him?! Just thinking as he’s probably going to be a starter in the WC and also a potential summer transfer away from Spurs. A possible trade with Uniteds Luke Shaw maybe? Plus Danny Rose is a northerner!

  • @NewUser136187 I hold him for the reasons you listed. If it goes wrong and he doesn’t climb, then he’s not so expensive that it’s a costly one to get out of. If he does make the move to United, in a swap like you theorised, then I can see that being fairly big news for the 2-3 days it happens and then also in the first pre-season match he plays. Fingers crossed he doesn’t get injured as that’s his main threat and the biggest reason I haven’t gone in too heavy on him.

  • I have invested in him also for the same reasons you have suggested. At one point he went up to £1.60 A few months ago, just based on rumours and he wasn't even playing.

  • Just seems a dead cert to get MB in the summer. But yea hopefully doesn’t get anymore nasty injuries like the one he just had!

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