Cheap media players

  • Willian
    Adam lallana
    Jan vertonghen

    All 3 of these players are out of contract in the summer. With the media divs as they stand (they could improve if the euros get cancelled). If each player was to win (10p per share)

    Willian £1.15 (9%)
    Adam Lallana £0.64 (16%)
    Jan vertonghen £0.65 (16%)

    This media divs could run until mid August, we are talking about 150 days till then, I have just brought £300 of each player

  • Yes I would happily invest in any of these players as I’m sure they’ll get media divs in the next month or so. At their current pricing the double divs just makes it more enticing. I’ve already bought vertonghen yesterday as I am expecting some media today (as his house was burgled)

  • Is there a chance the Vertonghen stories will get removed? If seems a bit like profiting from someone's non-football related misfortune which is against the current MB mantra.

  • @Wynnston yes already removed.

  • @Vespasian32 thought they would! I get what FI do it, imagine if you're Jan Vertonghen and hear of people making money from your hous getting robbed you would not be best please. It does make it hard to find cheap media players though.

    I'm trying to think what stories may come out that will benefit cheap players, any underachieving 11 although the negative connotations will impact the MB score. Maybe a bit on Sheffield United doing so well but that will probably focus on the manager. It is hard to see how anyone but the usual suspects will win in this period until the transfer rumours begin

  • @Coop-dog
    Adam lallana is a good shout especially with his Leicester move/connection. If Maddison goes to utd he'll slot in nicely.
    @67p with more game time his priority and Leicester in champions league (when the league situation is sorted) he could be a +£1 easily being a decent playmaker.

  • Henderson already with some MB divs today.?? Enough points for 2nd place yesterday.

    Only downside is he is a keeper at £1.47! This is a buyers market though, very few sales due to the spreads.

    De Gea could be the alternative cheaper option

  • Rooneys strong comments on the government could run a few days and he is cheap at the moment

  • @Gazza and there I was thinking he may be linked back to Man Utd hence the media interest

  • Cesc Fabregas always has a lot to say about everything (I don't hold). Has the chance of MB on a quiet news day and only really needs 1 MB win in the next 4 months to be a worthwhile punt.

    Edit: Convinced myself, today's bonus dividends just gone on x100. Top end dividends being reinvested in the lower end of the market, who would have guessed?? Just need a few more MB wins...

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