Black Friday sales

  • As there are some players who are way down on their peaks due to the c****** v**** (dare i say it) this represents a great opportunity to pick up some bargains. I have looked at a few in Serie A and other leagues alike and have found a few. Let's go for players under 2 quid and see who is the best value for money. All list your players below.
    Mine are Gaetano, vanheusden, sensi and a few others. Happy trading

  • @Jdog my biggest drop was Raheem Sterling surprisingly even my PB holds only dropped on average between 5 and 10p

  • Isak at 1.96, a 20year old only getting better and on the way to the big time.
    Osimhen 2.01, pretty much the same as above

  • @Tom77 Tom, see you have mentioned these two before. Just out of curiosity what are you reading/seeing to have such confidence in them or is it just a hunch??

  • @Gary-T said in Black Friday sales:

    @Tom77 Tom, see you have mentioned these two before. Just out of curiosity what are you reading/seeing to have such confidence in them or is it just a hunch??

    Both already had links to chelsea,
    Both play for their country.
    Both scoring goals in PB leagues.
    Both very young.

    Nothing not to like.

  • @Jdog Milik is insane value at current price. Hasn't had the covid drop of others, but he scores goals (9 in 16 this season) and just seen contract talks have broke down between him and napoli. Contract up next year so there's a transfer coming(or transfer links which if anything, is better in FI)

  • Philipp Max: currently £0.96 (peak of £1.46)
    Maxwell Cornet: currently £1.01 (peak of £1.45)
    Denis Bouanga: currently £0.87 (peak of £1.23)
    Yannick Carrasco: currently £0.91 (peak of £1.32)

    I've bought in/topped on all of the above. I don't expect them to rise in the short term as most traders are focusing on MB players but when fixtures are back on, I expect all of them to get an increase.

  • @Vaughany
    Carrasco's peak was based on him moving to the premier league - i believe Everton were linked
    Since he signed up the the PB graveyard that is A Madrid in early Feb , his price has been going south

  • I appreciate lots have dropped my watchlist has dropped 129% suso,Alberto,kroos etc usual suspects but these guys I hold.

    Kingsey Coman Bayern M 2-41 to 2-10
    Halstenberg 1-85 to 1-09
    Son Heung-Min 2-41 to 1-92

    Out of contract this summer/ transfer spec
    Gotze 85p to 73p
    Cavani 1-40p to 88p

  • @Advinculas-Index
    This is true. However, I personally don't see him returning to China to play and I would imagine he'll end up signing for a team in a PB league on a permanent basis. Whilst he may not reach his peak again, he should see a decent rise when this happens. Of course, I accept the risk that he ends up in the US, Turkey, Holland etc but I'm hoping he's too good/young to do that although I did get in wrong with Ricardo Rodriguez!

  • I think there are bigger drops to come once any announcement from FIFA and the leagues are made regarding this seasons competitions.

    If we don’t have football actually played until September I expect a lot of the penny stocks to drop further, as people will risk the big spreads hoping they are make more back in the MB market and possible the top end PB players who have dipped.

    Lots of people will have players market listed hoping to sell at smaller loses to also get into the MB train.

    That will have a knock effect to the mid range players I normally shop in; but I guess time will tell.

  • @Moukoko I agree...already had tentative links as well to Arsenal and Spurs 👍

  • @Sav2000
    What kind of price drops can we expect if/when it's announced that Euro 2020 is postponed and league fixtures are cancelled/postponed indefinitely?

    Aren't FI traders already expecting this worst-case scenario and are amending/have amended their ports already? With the giant spreads in place too, are we really likely to see another large drop?

    Take Philipp Max as an example. He has dropped from his peak of £1.46 about 2 months ago to £0.96. If/when any announcement is made about cancelling/postponing leagues, and there is another drop, what will he settle at - £0.90, £0.80, £0.70p?

    If that is the way it pans out, then I would seriously consider depositing some more cash, especially if that happens whilst the 8.25% is in place!

  • A few players here were dropping for very good reason way before coronavirus. Sensi and Carrasco to name just 2.

    Sensi - Probably won't be at Inter next season, is injured and even when he's fit he probably doesn't be first choice against Eriksen, Brozovic and Barella

    Carrasco - Was over priced at his peak considering he ended up at Atletico which is possibly the worst move he could have had in FI terms. Has started only 3 games since joining and hasn't scored or got an assist. Not exactly impressing

  • @Vaughany I think some of those that’s haven’t hit the IS button with the current spreads might be waiting to fully understand how long their money will be tied up slowly dropping; some will think if it’s confirmed no football until September or later that they could day trade back into a profit and beyond. If that happens I see many more players dropping lower (including most of my port I might add).

    I could be wrong but as I’m only reinvesting divs I want to see how things play out for a few more weeks, if I can maximise more profit from limited funds I’ll be happier with my general port drops.

  • @Sav2000
    Interesting. I don't disagree with your outlook but I can't see how traders who adopt that approach are going to make enough of a return between the announcement and the return of football, unless you have fresh funds rather than ISing your existing port. I feel like that ship sailed when the first big drops happened.

    Say you bought 300 Philipp Max at near his peak price, say at £1.40, that's an outlay of £420. Now say that an announcement is made tomorrow regarding the cancellation of all football until September. You think screw this, I'll IS my Max and try to make my money work elsewhere for the next 4 or 5 months. ISing at the current price of £0.58 is a cash return of £174 (not factoring in commission and the fact that FI may drop the IS price below £0.58 on any announcement to avoid another crash).

    You'd do well to turn that £170ish into £300/400 or more over the course of the next 4 or 5 months. Even if you decide to buy into MB players to take advantage of the current trend and MB divs offer, the issue is that those players have already had a rise and are, generally, in excess of £5 a share. £174 will get you 17 Bruno Fernandes, 24 Harry Kane or 78 Ighalo. Doesn't seem worth it!

    Only my opinion of course and I am sure others will be successful with that strategy.

  • @Vaughany I’m banking on many being gamblers who need to chase cash not long term holders like myself.

    Also I’m not suggesting everyone is going to go bonkers ISing but IF day one is anything to go by many will.

  • @Vaughany ..I am going to try and max out this offer while the market is on sale..the lower prices go the better as far as I am concerned..

  • Some people will definitely instasell. I seen on the App today someone IS Haaland. It was only 3 shares but its still a huge %loss. Im hoping it happens even though my port will decrease, football will return at some stage and its like buying money if u can get shares of players at 1/2 their value when they are playing.

  • @Doug-s I like Cavani a lot! He’s got United links written all over him

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