What to do with the remaining games this season

  • Great discussion on TalkSport about what to do with the remaining PL games.

  • Didnt hear it but i imagine once all players, staff and officials have completed their isolation periods and risk levels start to drop then the remainder of the season will be played behind closed doors. Realistically i think the suspension will last 4-6 weeks

  • What are they saying?

    My plan would be:

    • Postpone Euro 2020
    • Fit in remaining domestic league games between the time the virus lockdowns end and play twice a week.
    • Delay the start of next season as is fit.
    • Cancel all domestic cups games, as these are largely irrelevant to the grand scheme of things.
    • Make remaining CL fixtures single legs so this compeitition can also be finished in good time.

  • @kristiang85 I absolutely agree. I think once UEFA confirm Tuesday if the Euros will or won't be going ahead the leagues can act accordingly.

    My initial thoughts are moving everything out till at least early May to resume domestic competitions and aim to finish by the end of June. If we have a scenario where football still can't be resumed in early May then I think you have no choice but to cancel the season, nobody wants that but at some point you have to be realistic on what can be achieved.

  • All the journo’s on sunday supplement thought the league would be finished in place of euro’s

  • I think everything will be a lot clearer come Tuesday when UEFA are holding a meeting and are expected to announce the postponement of the Euros until 2021. Until that happens the Premier League, Football League and any other sporting bodies can't say anything in relation to continuing the season throughout the summer months.
    With the Premier League season finishing mid May, I don't think its inconceivable (assuming that this break in the season doesn't exceed a couple of months) for them to play this through until mid July with the new season delayed until the end of August (allowing teams a couple of weeks off) before the new season starts.

  • @Tom77 said in What to do with the remaining games this season:

    All the journo’s on sunday supplement thought the league would be finished in place of euro’s

    That would coincide with the projected peak in 14 weeks time roughly

    I personally don't see any football resuming until September

  • The big picture was surrounding the decision to cancel this years Euros. If that happens, which most contributors said was essential for all, then the season would be played out over the summer. If not completed by say Nov then season scrapped. Big issue was players contracts expiring this summer.
    However, as I said key decision is the Euros. I think that was being made Tuesday.

  • I totally agree with the idea to cancel the domestic cups. If the teams left in the FA Cup kick up a major fuss, maybe give them a bye to Round Four next season. I'd cancel the Champions League and Europa League too but I don't think Uefa will do that. Euro 2020 should be postponed for a year or cancelled altogether.

    One way or another, I think they MUST find a way to finish the domestic leagues even if it takes until well into the summer. Karen Brady is talking rubbish. She certainly wouldn't be saying void the season if West Ham were where Leicester are.

    Strangely Rooney has raised an interesting thought. I don't think it'll happen but finish this season in due course and then structure the start of next season in such a way (in terms of dates) that it begins the preparation for dealing with the chaos to the season that Qatar's winter World Cup is going to cause. In other words start the league late autumn for the next three seasons.

  • @Boris999
    Actually not a bad shout, somebody raised the issue with player contracts that could potentially throw a spanner in the works with that though.

  • If the season can't be finished and Man City's ban from European competition is upheld, then presumably sanctions from the English league will follow. Again it'd never happen but one good punishment would be to force them to reimburse all other 91 clubs their estimated gate receipts from all the home games they were unable to play.

  • As a Wolves fan enjoying our adventure in Europe this season , it would be interesting to see what happens with European competition.
    For your Arsenal, Man United and Chelsea fans it would just be a shrug of the shoulders. As a Wolves fan, us qualifying for a European competition is absolutely huge, for us to be in touching distance of a quarter final place is massive. Not only have we gone on an absolutely fantastic run in Europe and surely one of the top contenders, we've maintained absolutely outstanding form in the Premier League and not only are we holding down a Europa League place we are within touching distance of a Champions League place.
    People will say calm down, saving peoples lives is more important than football...it is, I don't dispute that, but for us to be in a situation where we are potentially denied an opportunity to proceed in European competition and then required to qualify again through a different season is shattering.

  • I expect the Euro's to be cancelled on Tuesday.

    They will then try & complete the season before the end of June.

    But the new season starts early August (so even with a 2 week training camp prior to new season) you would think mid July players would be returning to work in preparation.

    That would give players about 2 weeks off,so that's the timeframe we are working with.

    Season has to be completed by the end of June (latest) or its just not feasible to complete it.

  • I think it’s so important to not view this situation as a fan of a team, and try and not let sentiment cloud your judgement. Yes this whole process will effect certain clubs more/less but it is important that the fairest outcome happens for every club, not just one. I’m sure the correct decision will come in the end, and of course some people will be annoyed no matter what; but I really do think this is just getting started

  • @bigbradwolf

    You are right. Wolves have been sensational (not just this season but also last). If they could sneak into the Champions League, it would be fantastic. If the Europa League is played to a conclusion, it is not inconceivable that Wolves could win it.

  • @bigbradwolf It would certainly be a shrug of the shoulders from Arsenal and Chelsea fans given that one of them is already out of Europe and the other is 3-0 down to Bayern Munich from the 1st leg!

  • I would be amazed by looking at the news if there is any football in the next 3 months

  • I posted elsewhere about putting back the Euro's to save every European League and Cup.

    Postpone Euros' to 2021. Use June and July to finish all leagues.

    2 months break then start 20/21 season in Oct 20 through til August 21.

    Sept 2021 hold Euro's

    then the usual 2 month break and start 21/22 season late Nov 21 though til August 22.......which fits perfectly with Qatar WC in Nov 2022

    Solves the issues of leagues this season, Euro's being played, AND the winter WC.

    It does throw up an issue with the season After the WC but I can't solve everything :)

  • @Ericali the flip side on the short break could be balance by players having had a coronavirus induced spring break of 4-8 weeks which does give them time to get over minor knocks.

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