Dean Henderson price πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦

  • What is going on with people buying Henderson at this price, he may well get media today but that wont last for long then your sat with a useless hold imo

  • In a normal situation i would be included to agree, however for the next 3 months or so, a goalkeeper with transfer links to Man united has more chance of winning dividends on the platform than 95% of the other 3500 players on here.

    should he win today thats 7.5% back on his current price + 8.5% back on the 23rd April if you purchased him today and decided to hold him.
    you also then have weeks and weeks of further potential dividends should the transfer become more likely (whomever he goes to)

  • @Advinculas-Index But he doesn't have transfer links does he? I thought he was already their player who is only out on loan. Apologies if I'm wrong - I think his value is in replacing De Gea and being the future England keeper when Southgate realises that Pickford is an awful choice. Note to self ..... check out if he was any relation to pickford the removal firm (or was that pickfords)

  • @Gary-T

    Ah! - you are quite correct - my mistake

    however, my statement regarding him have more chance of winning dividends on the platform than 95% of the other 3500 players on here during this downtime still stands if the news stories generating today are anything to go by.

    like i say, whilst there is no football, it now becomes a level paying field and Henderson appears to be in a position where he will potentially win more dividends than players 3 or 4 times his price for the foreseeable future.

    The key will be timing your exit on him though


  • The big problem here, as was previously mentioned is Henderson is already a Man Utd player, the talk is only about him signing a new contract, not a transfer. Very little sustainability with regards to news stories. If he signs tomorrow that’s the story finished. You may have made a few quid in MB, but I can probably guess your stuck with a player who will rapidly reduce in price due to no more MB. Add in the spread he will still have, you will be in the red if you IS. If you sell to market, I would imagine you will be waiting a while to get your shares bought by someone else. At which point he will probably be worth less than you purchased him for??
    Does this sound about right peeps?

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