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  • People getting their knickers in a twist over people holding Pogba and Bruno for the MB gains over the next few months, and not worrying about the PB, claiming it’s detrimental to the rest of the market and people’s ports are dropping because of it, I wanted to let you all know I hold both Pogba and Bruno and I feel very content knowing that either way my portfolio is safe. MB or PB I will be happy, very very happy.
    I feel sorry for the people selling either to buy into the daily MB trended, such as Henderson today, all because UTD have apparently offered him a new contract. So you pump loads of money into him to win the MB dividend, get £7/8 in reward, then realise he gets no MB points tomorrow and your stuck with him, either IS and get hammered on the spread, and be worse off than you were before you purchased him, or put him to market and not sell him due to lack of demand, plus everyone else selling to market, then by the time he does sell is is below the inflated price of which you purchased him for. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone, or does anyone agree with this???

  • @NewUser122021 it is insanity that Henderson is now £1.50, absolute insanity!!

  • @9stevo said in MB over PB:

    @NewUser122021 it is insanity that Henderson is now £1.50, absolute insanity!!

    £1.51 actually - but you're right, it is crazy! 😉


  • @9stevo A few weeks back I thought an injury free Henderson should be closer to £2.

    Now that the whole CL final, title run-in & England captain for the Euros factors seem to have diminished a soon-to-be 30 y/o Henderson’s FI future isn’t looking quite so positive.

  • @Chris-J the thread was talking about the GK Henderson, the Man Utd bloke on loan at Shef Utd, Eric was just making a funny!

  • @9stevo 🤦‍♂️that’s what happens to my brain when I have a single beer these days.

    My points still stand about Jordan - but yea Dean’s price is insane (and was even before football was cancelled).

  • @Chris-J yep I agree with you on both, Dean's price is eye watering!!! Going to be a lot of burnt fingers there.

  • I'm very suprised to see the likes of Neymar, Bellingham and Havertz on the slide at the minute. I understand Grealish with talk of utd signing Bellingham and now Van de Beek, but there are some puzzling drops today

  • @MickTurbo it's hilarious mate... Look at Bruno... When he was 10p off peak and people still market listing till he becomes 50p off peak in just a couple of days... Literally no chance of selling but market listing...

    Now he's done a good and is in top mb cos player of the month.... They actually have a chance to sell... So they are panic unlisting 😂.

    No brains whatsoever.

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