• Not really looked at media before, but hold Rooney so was looking today - he is on 260 (if you look at his media tab) but only displaying 160 on the leaderboard - is this a glitch or am I missing something - sorry if this is a silly question as normally I’m more pb than mb

  • Stories with Coronavirus in the headline have been removed.

  • @DillyDong yes they have been removed already - but his non virus stories are 260 if with virus he is well over 500

  • @Gazza Ah you're right, sorry. He did have a story removed earlier iirc. It may just be that the Media page has not updated properly yet. It's incredibly buggy and a bit of a shitshow tbh.

  • @Gazza Looks like a glitch. You are correct he should be on 260. Take a screenshot as back up. Not worth contacting FI until you know who wins MB with what points at midnight.

  • So the following article:

    Wayne Rooney played most Manchester United games having had an argument with Sir Alex Ferguson, says goal vs Man City was terrible match for him

    has Coronavirus in the article and won't be counted. It's worth 40 points. Don't have time to search through the others but there's probably others being removed for the same reason.

  • What a shit show. Basic text search algorithm.
    Amateur hour at the point where MB is the only game in town.
    Don't want to be too down on FI as they did great in widening spreads etc....but this is a joke!!!
    Coming from a non VVD or Rooney holder

  • Do these problems remind anyone else of watching your man lose Star Defender 20 minutes after the last ball was kicked because a 40p Nantes Defender gets credited with 3 extra crosses by Opta?

    Media Buzz suffers from the same lack of clarity as Performance Buzz. I personally feel it is one of the main problems holding FI back as a platform. A lot of people don't mind losing as long as they can see for themselves that they lost fairly.

    I haven't even been bothering to check the Media standings throughout the day because you can be sure stories will get added or removed without notice at any time. It's a lottery.

  • @DillyDong agree - I’m watching media like I would a game - very sad 😂😂😂 but yes they should work on this if it’s the main game from now on...

  • @DillyDong It's all a bit glitchy at the moment. As you have pointed out looks like Rooney articles have been deducted from the MB scores but the articles haven't been deleted. Pogba scores keep changing and...

    Fuck it. Another big story added and soon to be deleted. Not worth trying to keep up with the MB scores at the moment.

    Some poor FI staff member is spending Sunday night in FI towers reading this click bait rubbish instead of being with their families. Fair play to them, they are doing their best in a rapidly changing situation.

    MB not great but the only dividend in play at the moment. Other bookmakers have nothing to offer.

  • Anyone know what happens if Kane and Bruno finish level in 3rd place? Both currently on 200 points.

  • @SIFI said in Media:

    Anyone know what happens if Kane and Bruno finish level in 3rd place? Both currently on 200 points.

    The youngest player would win in that case, according to the rules. That means Bruno, since he was born in 1994. Kane was born a year earlier.

  • @Londoner Isn't it the player with the latest story?

  • Latest story wins MB, youngest player wins PB.

  • dammit Bruno haven't you won enough.. let us Kane holders have some please

  • @Martyn-B said in Media:

    Latest story wins MB, youngest player wins PB.

    Thanks for clearing that up. @Lillychar1216 Cheers.

  • @Paco I will let Rory Breaker answer that.....


    ‘NO!’ 😉

  • @Paco agreed! Surely it should be decided by the number of stories. Kane has 7 to Bruno’s 3. But cos one of Bruno’s refers to Keane as a ‘legend’ he scores a stack of points! Such a nonsense system

  • @SteveP that would make sense but the rules when we bought the shares say otherwise (I hold both Kane and Bruno)

  • Donny Van De Beek just had two stories removed. Can't see why though, I read both and were about transfer rumours to man utd and corona virus wasn't mentioned.

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