Those coming up to 3 year holds

  • I suspect there wont be many but there are bound to be a few traders who have held onto shares which could reach the 3 year limit in the coming months (im aware that they extended it to 4 years but that was for a limited time over a year ago and as far as im aware its currently 3 now.

    Its going to be a potential pisser for them if the 40% spreads are still imposed.

    I imagine the number is low, in fact ive not heard about any stories yet of people having shares wiped off their portfolio or being notified that they getting close to the expiry limit.

    has anyone on here had to take action yet with the 3 year rule in mind?

  • @Advinculas-Index

    I am only coming up to one year so this doesn't apply to me. About 3 weeks ago I listened to the FIG podcast with Big Don. They were discussing this as he approaches 3 years in November (I think).

    Big Don and FIG believe that no 3 year old share has ever to their knowledge been voided. Big Don also believes that FI cannot, or will not, void 3 year old shares until some sort of countdown clock is implemented. He is hoping for another extension to his 3 year bet or resetting the clock on all shares once the countdown clock starts for everyone.

    Not my opinions, just what they said if I have remembered it all correctly.

  • Said it a few days ago but I think FI would do well to freeze the ageing of futures whilst football is on hold. Increasing the spreads whilst protecting customers from themselves also pretty much stops them from selling if their 3 year bet is coming to an end so it would be good customer service and cost them very little to increase them by a couple of months.

  • they really need to have a simple refresh button
    so you can time your 2% with a run of ipd games

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