Do we know when Nasdaq order books are coming?

  • Now would be a great time? I hate media and would just like to start trading again as I ain't winning shit.

  • I'm not sure as I am not a trader so don't understand order books or how they work. I opened my account at the end of Jan so fairly new. With all that is going on may not be a good time.

    On the flip side, whilst no footie going on it may be a good time to start giving lessons to us uneducated traders how they work before bringing them in. So good topic to discuss in my opinion.

  • I think they said May in the most recent video. Not very clued up on them either though

  • @Paco said in Do we know when Nasdaq order books are coming?:

    I think they said May in the most recent video. Not very clued up on them either though

    The video was talking about NASDAQ replacing the current platform and the IPO system in May. But AC said there would be IPOs before May under the old system. They didn't mention order books.

  • I would guess given the “Global” issue that Coronavirus is there is likely to be a delay, just a guess but I suspect employees for both company’s might also get sick or be isolating at some point; people should start to factor this in with there expectations of improvements or changes to the platform for the next few weeks/months.

  • @Sav2000

    The sooner the better & the latest market uncertainty demonstrates why; FI widen spreads to prevent market panic & help protect nervous users (largely from themselves) yet some still IS'd at punishing cost. I think FI took the correct action but I also think anyone should be free to sell irrespective of their reasons for doing so. Market sell is clearly the best way to achieve the best price but can be costly in terms of waiting time (some may need the funds quicker) & it's pretty clear a large number of sellers still don't understand how the system works by continuing to IS players that are in great demand, at massive spreads who would have virtually no sell queue.

    Order books would solve lots of these problems by giving both buyer & seller better prices than the currently imposed large spreads & whilst these may be temporary, order books will allow a market price equilibrium to settle for any player & in general be more reflective of their ACTUAL market price, as large amounts of listing or unlisting won't be allowed to manipulate the market price as can happen currently. My only concern would be for unpopular or rarely traded players that insufficient trader interest may lead to mass illiquidity & in extremis no exit at all, which is where FI might need to provide some limited IS type exit mechanism otherwise traders will avoid these players like the plague so as to avoid being locked in. This however is a minor issue compared to the much larger benefits that orders books bring & could be solved relatively easily IMO.

    As others have said this is a large, complex project to implement & the current wider difficulties being caused by CV won't help speed up it's launch.

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