I predict another youth trend

  • Fireworks Saturday, dean Henderson sunday. Why? FI deleting corona stories. Ppl like Kane and Neymar look absolutely primed for huge rises but very little yet.
    Why? Well.if they get Corona then every article will mention it and they'll win fuck all media. That's why yesterday was boring.
    Players who should logically be rocketing aren't for that reason. It's probably why pog regressed yesterday. Hez made a great and newsworthy gesture, but most of his media will now be about corona. So in effect catching corona could be terminal for Players dividend returns. That's why I predict a youth trend

  • @MickTurbo too soon in my opinion.

    We've only just had one. Few trends to go first.

  • @Ericali id normally agree and a youth trend doesnt particularly suit me but until FI take a more subjective approach to these stories I think it's a worry

  • @MickTurbo I predict maybe the opposite. Might be time for the "Golden Oldies". As this continues and they run out of stories and speculation the media will be interviewing the older, more media aware players with more stories to tell. Plus recycling old stories, ie the greatest hits.

    Started buying your old favourite Fabregas yesterday. Rooney doing well. Tempted by Crouch and Yaya (is he still in China, maybe not!!).

    High risk, high reward. Only need one dividend win to make a good return. Then need a second run of media stories to sell to market.

  • @Martyn-B yeh tempted by Rooney. Fab seems to like giving his verdict on younger players too. I really wouldn't but crouch or yaya though mate lol

  • @MickTurbo Yeah, kind of joking there. Got 100 Cesc yesterday and going to top up to 500. Then still have 500 each of the two greatest "Golden Oldies" Messi and Ronaldo but they are less of a risk as they will have some value next season.

  • Don't hold Rooney either.

  • Anyone expect a further announcement from FI in the next day or two?

    I am.

  • @Ericali
    Yes I think there will be pretty soon. I think they have to reduce the spreads or things will stagnate.

  • @Woody yes, that's a real danger. If everyone has money tied up & ceases trading.

  • I think they will have to make a statement after the UEFA convention at the latest. (Tuesday)

  • After the UEFA meeting I think we can expect the other leagues following the EPL and having their own meetings; they’ll then need to get their heads together and decide what the plan is medium and long term. Hopefully this time next week we should know more, then I’d expect FI to react.

  • I hope they announce something soon. I know we're already in a promo, but missing out on IPD and PB and having just 3 media wins is boring and hardly encouraging new money. 95% of players are useless at present

  • Surely any shortening of the spreads should be happening when a resumption of pb football is near. That seems a long way off at moment. Shortening now though would be FI Armageddon.

  • @Ericali said in I predict another youth trend:

    Anyone expect a further announcement from FI in the next day or two?

    I am.

    Yeah i think we may get regular promos during this downtime to appease those with no interest in media but they will need to plan carefully to reduce spreads and prevent mass sell offs.

    Not sure why you got downvoted so I cancelled it out

  • @Black-wolf I have a stalker who follows me about downvoting everytime I post.

    No issue for me really, It just makes me write more so I control his life having to keep logging in to downvote 😂

  • @Dalien-Smith said in I predict another youth trend:

    Surely any shortening of the spreads should be happening when a resumption of pb football is near. That seems a long way off at moment. Shortening now though would be FI Armageddon.

    But stagnant market is bad for traders and FI. I really don't see how these spreads are helping anyone.

    If they were back to normal... I have 1000 Doherty currently at 99p...id IS if it was say 93p... And after commission I would have £900. A loss of £90 to me, gain of £90 to FI

    There's a few others... And I'd build up a pot of a few grand and buy another 500 kane of something..

    Let's say many others do the same... Cos people are worried about a market collapse? It would take a tonne of shares to get doherty down to say 70p... If he did...it wouldn't be long till people start selling their £5-10 players and sweeping up the bargains and doherty would find his natural long term price again soon enough.

    Holders will hold.
    Leavers will leave.
    Traders will trade.

    The longer the spreads are like this... The less people enjoy the product... And the less money everyone makes. I think in the long run that has more of a negative impact on the product than a quick firesale and readjustment of ports.... That happens in off season anyway regardless of corona virus...

  • @Vespasian32 Whilst the future of PB football is uncertain. Some estimates say it could be as much as 4 months or more. Not many in my opinion will see value in the likes of Doherty. Your Doherty's of the world will plummet. It's hard to see a recovery. There's no precedent for this situation. The close season perhaps but at least then you know exactly when pb football starts again. Shortening the spreads I fear will be a PR disaster. Twitter will be awash with stories of folks ports dropping quite sizeably.

    On the upside though shortening could free up funds for a couple of hundred Pogba. I understand people's frustration at not being able to adapt to the current market. I'm in a similar position but it seems far to early to be wanting to select the nuclear option.

  • @Ericali so THAT'S what the seagulls following the trawler was about......stalkers

    finally cleared that up

  • @Dalien-Smith yeh so if for 4 months he has no value he might go lower... The point is its the same people harping on about a 3 year bet and holding and being patient... That are crying about a short term drop. No pb player is going to get to £0.00 before people think they are a value bet. Even if football was cancelled for a year I'd buy the likes of Doherty and Thomas Muller for 40p.

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