FI is my best investment by a long way.

  • I invest in gold, silver and the stock market. Apart from gold I’m getting hammered.
    With all the drama with corona virus my FI account actually went up a tiny bit. Due to my holds in Kane and Rashford.
    FI is bullet proof.
    How is everyone else doing?

  • I've been in a month and a half. It took a while to get my port as I wanted it, a few mistakes on the way. I am in a bit of profit currently, most of it isn't liquid though.

    Then it all kicked off with the world shutting down. I bought into Barella, Pellegrini and Martinez when the serie a shut down. They are going up slowly now.

    I am currently topping up on Adil Aouchiche whilst he is low. I Don't have many MB players so just topping up as and when I can afford it. My port is not big at £1000.00 but when all returns to normal I am confident I will see a raise.

  • @Kipper72 sounds like a good plan. Most of my players are young and pb friendly. So I’m not expecting much to happen until the new season starts. I’m happy to wait about.

  • @Flukey_Lukey
    You’ve got no choice really but to wait around
    Get on pogba or Bruno. Only players who are making money and you can actually sell by looks of it.
    Pogba will be 10 quid if he wins a few mbs, top at the moment and Bruno following.

  • @King-Fergus I sold 85 Bruno when he reached the high 9s. I more than doubled my money so I was happy with that.
    With Pogba choosing to stay so I’ve heard. I wanted my money else where

  • @Flukey_Lukey Stocks and shares down 16%, cost me a small fortune (in relative terms for me) FI actually up a couple of percent due to some high profile media holds flying (hello Pogba, thank god I never sold you!!). Still very happy with FI.

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