Penny Shares and Player Values

  • Does anyone know when exactly they are planning on bringing penny shares in? I'm not convinced at all that its a good idea, a big money maker perhaps for bots and so on but we'll see... Also if this is introduced how much of an effect do you think it will have on the current first team player values, i expect a potential drop?

  • Adam initially hinted they would be coming in September but I think that might have been a bit premature and it could now be delayed for a while (might find out more on Wednesday).

    I think there will be a general decline, though the magnitude of that decline depends on how its implemented and the data provided at the time. For instance, they may introduce some features that protect the top 200 somewhat e.g. restricting the number of penny stocks that can be bought; adding a weighting to the PB scores for top 200 etc.

    I think the top players might drop a bit initially but will recover in the long-term as they will win the PB more consistently than others - realistically, 90% of players in the squad are not even in contention for PB.

    Positionally, the defenders are most at risk of a decline because there are still some very good defenders in the squad, though the top defenders are still fairly cheap compared to top strikers/midfielders and it would only take 2-3 wins in a whole season to see a 10-15% ROI.

  • @NewUser41489 why should penny stocks not be a good idea???? FI could then implement dividends for the 2nd and 3rd ranked players in PB for each position and pays dividends for 10 players in Media Buzz....

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