Invest in FI or the stock market at present?

  • Just interested in your thoughts on this. I have a potentially large amount of cash fortunately to invest either here or in the FTSE now around 5000, I’m thinking whether to put in shares. However, I feel the financial markets are in very dangerous territory and it could drop even further with the fear going around for businesss to go bust on mass so feel perhaps not the right time. With FI, prices aren’t likely to fall much further it seems if they maintain these large spreads so I’m thinking perhaps it’s safer here. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I’m being realistic and understand there might not be any football for months on end but of course football will be back again at some point so not worried about that!

  • I think there will be so much excitement when sport is back FI will go nuts.

    Amazing how sport has been missed after just one weekend.

  • tough call that only you can make really.

    Personally I will stick with FI.

    My wife works for Barclays and we have shares with them. Not doing well, and over the last 5 years not great either.

    In FI though I am over 35% up after a year, despite some poor chances when selling and buying.
    I've held Jordan Henderson, Jota, Cantwell as 3 examples. Sold each for a nice profit of 10-20% which I was happy with. Seen all of them Double in value since though.

    FI is a risk, we have to be honest. But look at the markets.....we have some big name firms in real trouble over the summer if they shut stores, travel companies in dire straits short term, even oil will take a hit if garages are shit and cars off the road through lockdown.
    Other than Gold where would you put it ?

  • @Tom77
    thats a really good point mate. Just One weekend and the media is in a frenzy. Imagine the media when games Do restart.

  • @TeamGB as with FI and all investments a diverse portfolio is best... I would be splitting it across a number of things not just FI.

    I would also keep an amount of cash reserves as we don't know how this is going to play out... I don't think we will be seeing any football for a long time and with the current spreads you will be locking in your funds with FI for a potentially long time or for a steep loss if you had to IS.

  • Honestly... I’d keep it very safe in your pocket or under your mattress.
    Or invest it all in Mari from Arsenal cause that would help me out a lot. Thanks

  • Personally, i am currently looking at stocks as i see it as a safer investment. There is no reason you can not start a smaller initial position and average down if you are expecting more of a drop that goes for FI or stocks.

    There could very well be another mass sell off if football is confirmed to be off past April 3rd or if the euros are cancelled.

  • @London-Is-Blue I can’t see how football can restart in April as things will be getting towards the peak then apparently or even later. I completely expect the Euros off until next year and think that might already be factored into the prices on here. However, if this pandemic calms down then they’ll be football throughout the summer to catch up and spreads will surely reduce once some direction is seen towards normality. No way would I be instant selling to lose all the profit I’ve ever made as I don’t need the money short term and would only be selling if I desperately need the funds. I’d rather borrow than instant sell if I had to.

  • ‘’You might have to play behind closed doors to fulfil the contracts for the broadcasters, otherwise they're not going to pay up and that could mean hundreds of millions of pounds. You may even have to play three matches a week to get them done," Dyke told The Times.

    Got to be games behind closed doors

  • @TeamGB I agree, but i can see a sell off happening once it is confirmed as we will most likely have another date and it could be months away and having capital tied up for that amount of time increases the risk people will need it for irl circumstances.
    I personally think it will be at least 2-3 months with no football.

    We also have no idea what actual government legislation they will implement into action rather than just talk about and this will obviously impact some businesses positively and some negatively. Personally i just feel stocks are safer as certain companies have the cash to weather the storm and are massively on sale but on FI i believe MB is a very flawed system and with no real date for the return of football, PB is useless currently. I am still topping up FI slowly but stocks are more of my personal focus.

    I believe either way you will make money in the long term though.

  • I don't want to sound alarming or anything like it but rather realistic and I think there is a chance that outside circunstances may force people to invest less/desinvest in order to cope with those same circunstances and people should at least be aware and take that into consideration. I enjoy the index and the forum and wish everyone and FI to prosper likewise however people should not underestimate what is going on at present. May all be good

  • @Paco Agree with this, uncertain times for sure and financially you can imagine a squeeze for many. That said, life with no sport and potentially limited outdoor life may also drive interest and activity through sheer boredom...

  • @London-Is-Blue I think if FI announced a sizeable PB div increase for when football restarts (or even the much requested tiered PB days) it would be enough to keep money flowing throughout the index instead of just the top 5 MB players.

  • @Chris-J Exactly what i said in another thread, announce a transfer/pb dividend increase then the entire market has value right now but it's all speculative on our part as of right now sadly.

  • @TeamGB

    Completely biased viewpoint I guess... but my money is staying in FI.

    If they push the Euro's back a year, you've basically got a blue print as to how traders will invest, given that we'll be repeating a year.

    The PB players who have taken a nose dive... like they typically do at the end of the season... will likely see a big surge when we know football is returning.

  • Stocks. But select the companies carefully, some may even go under in the weeks to come.

    Also consider gold and silver

    As for Bitcoin? Not sure about that one. This crisis seems to have woken people up to the fact that its real world use is pretty limited. But it may well rebound and it is miles off its highest highs.

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