MB for each of the top 5 leagues ?

  • With the risk of matches going into a 2nd run of cancellations on 4th April, whats the thoughts on altering the MB places ?

    I'm thinking keep the top 3 overall as Is Now, but maybe pay out on the top MB player from each of the top 5 leagues ?

    Slightly extra work for FI, but not massively as every player is on the list anyway, just need to look at the top 20 MB winners each day and then their league to work out the winners.

    It's very early days but we are seeing the same faces on the MB list each day, which must hurt those who hold more PB based players. This switch would put some value into more players and encourage trading ?
    Obv still use the same press sources.

  • @Munchie63

    FI are currently looking at ways to revamp & improve MB atm because as we all know the current model is not fit for purpose anymore. This current period of no football would be an excellent opportunity for FI to trial some new ways of doing things, perhaps under the guise of a short term promotion, then incorporate all the best ideas & most successful aspects into the new system, which iirc is due to be unveiled for the start of next season.

    Encouraging winners from outside the EPL, perhaps through including foreign media feeds, is essential for future platform growth IMO as it looks to expand geographically.

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