No need to panic!!!!

  • Re: The end of football index? How’s it gonna recover?

    Once football is back up an running FI will be in demand just like toilet roll is in demand now, people are going crazy an instant selling losing dons of cash, why? They will finish off the Season an the euro’s will be next year.

    Believe in FI an Believe football will be back.

  • Wholeheartedly agree and tbh I am actually enjoying seeing some of my players depreciate (admittedly I only have a 2k portfolio and I do feel sympathy for people who have huge figures invested) at the end of the day though it's all %s and when football does come back the players will return to their original valuation in vast majority of cases.

    It's for that reason I am not worried at all and actually a bit excited about doubling or tripling my investment in the next few weeks. Just trying to figure out when the players values will bottom out.

    The easiest way to explain is this...

    I'm 99.99999% certain professional football will return

    I'm 99.99999% certain the players I invested in will return to a similar value to when I got them.

    So it's almost like buying money now investing in them again. And when normality does return it's those big fish and whales who will feel sympathy for people like me who only had chumps change (in comparison) to capitalise on current events.

  • Totally agree. However the virus is just getting started here and it’s going to be a shit storm for the next couple of months. I think with business’s closing down and struggling, more people might need their money out of FI. I can see things slowly dropping more until there is light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve every confidence in FI so it’s just a matter of riding out the storm now.

  • Good time to bring up this article again.. as i suspect most have missed it

    Football is forever people!

  • I'm just annoyed I didn't go with my plan of IS all my players in the red and buying 1000 Pogbas about 2 weeks ago lol, oh well I'm enjoying looking at Che Adams in the red ;-(

  • @Paco great read mate 👍

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