Is irrational behaviour ruining the FI experience

  • This is probably the most volatile, unpredictable time since the FI started. I understand people are panicking and might want to release funds, but that doesn’t account for the yo-yo effect of Pogba, Bruno and other high priced players. On the flip side, why are people buying into players who frankly I have never heard of before, will probably never win any divs, with a spread that’s going to cost them allot more in the long run than they first purchased for.
    We are in this state for the long haul, the Covid-19 virus is not going away any time soon, the league will not be starting in April, maybe not even till June/July if at all.
    This should be a rational persons thinking, which again comes back to my previous question. Why are people selling to buy back into people like Pogba or Bruno just because they look like they will win MB that day. Hold and don’t lose out on spreads?????

    Please someone explain other people irrationally behaviour to save my sanity.


  • @NewUser122021 there’s no point in trying to figure out most people on here. You warn people (check my previous posts) for weeks this was going to happen, then face a barrage of threats from people like ‘get ready to be the one blamed when Bruno’s price crashes and people lose money’...those ‘people’ have suddenly gone VERY quiet. Feeling fully vindicated. Holding MB players is the ONLY way to make money on here for months. Let them sell and piss off I say. The smart amongst us will stay and reap the rewards. 👍🏼💰

  • @NewUser122021 said in Is irrational behaviour ruining the FI experience:

    Please someone explain other people irrationally behaviour to save my sanity.

    There does seem a small minority who don't understand how the platform works both in general but especially specifically how selling operates; the ticker sales that are clearly ISing players at punishing spreads, which will have small or non existent sell queues demonstrates this - Why not use market sell? I understand some will want to release cash & are often looking to realise large profits, so not all are technically panic selling but definitely unnecessarily throwing significant sums into FI coffers.

    MB is the only game in town for at least 3/4 months now which has clearly spooked some & ruined the strategy of others (IPD players, short term game day flippers etc). Those with balanced portfolios are not panicking as they will benefit from some areas like MB to balance losses in others like IPD players. If you believe in the FI concept & that football will return eventually then now is a great time to pick up some lucrative bargains. FI will also make another announcement after Thursday when the future is clearer but it almost certainly will include some further incentives, along the lines of Media Madness IMO.

  • @NewUser122021

    The only thing I can think of is that there may have been a lot of new traders joining in January and February. These people will inevitably still be learning about how the Index works and making mistakes along the way.

    If we look back now, most of our trading history in those early months of our FI experience would have been a bit strange and erratic.

    I wouldn't worry about the yo-yo effect of high priced players at the moment. Just keeping farming dividends.

  • @NewUser159387 Keep hearing about media madness but as a new trader from October I've missed out on what it was, can you enlighten please?

  • @Harford-is-God

    Promotion they did last Summer where they extended the winning MB to 5 places everyday iirc, so whilst we are in a period of non football they will need to build any promotion around some sort of Media related system. Hope that helps

  • @NewUser159387 Ok thanks, seems as though it will need to be 'madder' this time round to stimulate the market

  • @Harford-is-God Last year "treble" media days paid out 3p, 2p and 1p for the top 3. When Media Madness was introduced they paid out 3p, 2p, 1p, 1p and 1p for the top 5. Dividends were increased from 6p to 8p, or 33% of the original 6p.

    I am expecting Media Madness to return this Summer. Hoping they pay out 5p, 4p, 3p, 2p and 1p for the top 5. That would increase media from 9p to 15p, or 66% of the original 9p. This is obviously ignoring the current, temporary double dividends promotion.

    Probably more likely that Media Madness would payout 5p, 3p, 1p, 1p and 1p. That would increase media from 9p to 11p, or 22.2% of the original 9p. Less than last year and maybe not enough??

    Something will be introduced, until then we are just speculating.

  • @Martyn-B Thanks for the clarification, helps to consider what might be coming and potential positioning if any.

  • @Harford-is-God No worries, I am fully expecting a top 5 payout, just not sure of the dividend payouts. Also no chance until after double dividends ends on April 3rd.

  • @Sol said in Is irrational behaviour ruining the FI experience:

    @NewUser122021 Let them sell and piss off I say. The smart amongst us will stay and reap the rewards. 👍🏼💰

    Remember the other day when you said you were selling up and leaving? That was a laugh, wasn't it?

  • FI has never been rational and hasn't been a major problem in the past.

  • @Hound look at the quote before trying to be clever. I said let them sell up, that implies not me but someone else. I’m assuming you either have little very grasp of the English language, therefore misread what I wrote. Or your just an idiot. I’m probably assuming both. Am I correct?

  • @ocs123 I joined January 31st and think this is a great point, especially as there was a promotion running as well. I bought players who I liked rather than who would be good to make money. I didn't fully understand the sell system either, my own fault for rushing in. In short, I was learning, and still am as I am sure we all are.

    In answer to the thread title, No is the answer, it is not irrational behavior ruining the experience. I made loads of mistakes in the first couple of weeks, buying pumps, ISing as soon as player turned red.

    I had the gut feeling these were mistakes but now, with the help of the big spreads, and reading some experienced opinions in this forum I can see this as a time to keep topping up on players you believe in.

    I can see how some may think the current experience is bad due to circumstance out of our control, but me personally, most of the reds in my port, I see as an opportunity to buy into for medium to long term dosh. But one or two are scallywags who have lost me a few quid and when the spread goes down, which it will, I may IS them.

  • Banned

    I would say the only irrational behaviour is that of those who expect people to be rational.
    Too many people expecting others to think in the same way as them.

    People are dying, people are loosing their jobs. People do not want money sat in a gambling account.
    That is the rational way. They are pulling money out. Their money.

    They are not interested in making money long term, they are more worried about their health and their job.

    And I'm starting to get pissed off with others looking down on them for wanting their money out of the site.

  • Irrational behaviour only presents opportunity - embrace it.

  • @MrWh1te

    Those who have died are elderly or have serious medical conditions. Obviously this is still terrible, but how many of those groups would have had money in the Index anyway?

    The media really should be doing more to stop the spread of panic and to explain that to the majority of young or middle aged people, this virus is no more serious / harmful than catching flu.

    The worst most people will experience is a week of feeling really ill and then they’ll recover fully and have the added bonus of some immunity to the virus.

    If you just read the media alone, you might believe that everyone is going to be hospitalised or die. This is definitely NOT going to happen.

    The important thing is to protect and not infect high risk / vulnerable people.

  • @MrWh1te couldn't agree more 👍 people are free to do what they want as you say it's their money. It's a testing time and it soon will be for everyone if we are forced into quarantine, let's be completely honest if the spreads weren't so big I think the index potentially could have collapsed with people selling

  • It's not the threat of younger people catching Coronavirus which is the threat to the index.

    It's the threat of younger people being quarantined from work on standard SSP, or being made redundant & needing the money to live day by day & taking their money out the index get by.

    That's the biggest threat to football index as a product.

  • @ocs123 Forums are about opinions and opinions are often created from circumstance or surroundings. I'm presuming that financially you're secure and those around you are the same whereas others, including myself, see real threats to jobs and people's existence. Their rational behaviour is to protect that, what might happen on the index in terms of a recovery in a few months time is probably low down on their priorities.

    I'm hoping there are enough people on here that have some stability so that we can all enjoy the rises in the future but that does look some way off to me.

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