• Great to see some money flowing in a lower-end player but i'm struggling to see the plan here?

    I don't imagine the media will be mentioning the contract extension again after today so obviously a huge risk holding after midnight tonight with instant selling out of the question (if you intend to make a profit anyway....).

    Users are still buying.

  • Danger of him dropping outside of the top 3 MB places altogether too by end of the day. A totally bizarre buying strategy. Zero medium/long term appeal of holding someone like Matic.

    Must be traders trying to make some quick profit off capital appreciation by selling to market and hoping some fools buy in near the peak.

  • Smacks of desperation

  • Saw this earlier.


    Jonathan G must have got about 3,000 alone.

    Judging by his picture, even Matic was surprised.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It is an odd one

    Worked his way back in,

    But......if/when Pogba returns does he play ?

    and another IF.......if Ole was to go, would he then be on his way too

    low price buy I guess so some will see it as worth a punt

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