EFL Leagues covid19

  • Any fans of lower league clubs? They haven't been getting much media attention but lets be real, their struggle must be far worse than top flight clubs. Given how many come close to imploding if not implode altogether i cant imagine playing in empty stadiums is a manageable solution.

    Then you have the contracts situation. The contracts expire at the end of June i think now its not so bad for Liverpool for example but if you are Northampton town or someone with the whole 30 man squad out of contract then youre really in trouble.

    How can they possibly get these games finished?

  • @Millonarios Think we share the same team unless your recent thread about taking the Hatters to the Europa League was a strange fantasy....

    Pretty scary prospect for L1/L2 clubs and even our own. No income, season ticket offers would start soon to get some clubs cashflow through the summer and contracts expiring in June to limit exposure will need to be reviewed to make sure they have enough players should football resume. That's without considering loan agreements which are the mainstay of EFL football.

    Can honestly see some clubs go to the wall unfortunately unless handouts arrive from the top level of football.

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