• Is it just me or does pumping a load of money into bale today just to get some MB money seem a bit silly. Do we really think he will be a regular MB player over the next few month? Your then left with the big spread if you want to OS which will wipe out your MB money and some. Or put to market and never sell, if and when he does his price will probably be below what you purchased for. Why are people pumping money for the sake of a few quid, be sensible look at the players who will win regular MB divevdends. Or am I just wrong???

  • I have been on and off the Bale train so many times and will not be risking it this time. If the rumours are true and they are going to let him go free then he’ll be great for MB, especially if he did come back to UK, but had too many false dawns so will stay out. I have Bruno so it’s easier, I imagine if I didn’t have any media players I would be much more tempted to get involved just out of boredom. I wonder how much of what we’re seeing today is just that. Knowing my luck this will be the time it finally happens but I’m happy to sit out and avoid the nerve-shredding

  • Annoying thing for me is, I looked at him yesterday and almost bought some ut thought I'd wait and see if hed drop closed to the 1.50 mark

  • @Specksynder said in Bale:

    I have been on and off the Bale train so many times and will not be risking it this time.

    Bought & sold him 3 times, made a loss everytime (albeit not very large ones), will NEVER buy him again but good luck to all who do!

  • All that glitters is not gold. In this case it's dogshit!
    Him and his agent seem to enjoy the drama!
    Yes! I've also lost money on Bale. 😁
    You'd imagine a move would happen at some point. I've had my fingers burnt so I'm staying well clear.
    Good look though.

  • Not sure if it's just me or maybe many people feel the same but bought and sold 2-3 times in the past but it never worked out and I ain't ever gonna get involved again.
    Plus he is wrong side of 30.
    Good luck to those that take the gamble but I'd be selling in to any rise.
    Couldn't take the hassle holding him.

  • Another one over here who has held him a few times. Never again. Too stressful.

  • Interesting read.
    We were all much younger and innocent. 😂

  • @NewUser122021

    I bought into Bale last year for a little less than this and made a tidy profit over summer until the China rumour hit. He spiked at £3.30.

    He's a high profile transfer target who generates a ton of rumours, so yes, he can win MB and enough people know it, so they jump on. I'm not getting back on because of the China thing but in fairness, can't see him going there now as they have new rules.

    0_1584531517093_Screen Shot 2020-03-18 at 11.38.11.png

  • @Dan-The-Man Thats the only reason i wouldnt buy him either. 30 years old injury prone player seeking a big money contract. It sounds like Chinese Super League is the only one who can provide it.

  • @Millonarios

    Italy could be a target for him. He's still young in Italy... Juve buy big stars and Inter throw around money too.

    That said... he's shit these days but he's still a superstar with a lot of brand power.

  • Held in the past and also lost a little money. Not going back in. I could really see him taking a big money move to the MLS and joining Beckham at Inter Miami. Too risky for me!! Might be a run of MB for the brave...

  • I can't believe how many of my fellow users have been victims of Gareth Bale ... 🤣🤣

    'My name is John, and I too was left almost penniless by the Welsh Samurai and his arsehole agent!'

    Never again ... 💣

  • I think it's about predicting the market at the moment and people are buying in because they think others will as he's top of media. Chances are these rumours could follow up with pundits comments creating more media so I can see more hype in him beyond today and even now at 2.19 hes worth it. Man Utd rumours always help!

  • Iv been done a few times too, looked at his price early this morning at about 1.86, got to work and he was was like 2.20 so I jumped in like a fool 🙄 fomo kicked in, buy dinner id sold back to the market after having a talk with myself 😂

  • As risky holds go he's top 3 in my book.

    I'm thinking the rise today was probably funded in the main by fairly recent (last six months) starters on the index.

    Just beware is all I would say.

    Many far more experienced people on here won't go near him again and newer users don't know the history of Bale on the index.

    Good luck to all that have the balls😉

  • I made a lot of money from him during the last summer transfer period from CA, but exited when no transfer occurred. He was a good hold then, not interested now. I can see people getting on for the sort term for the dividends, but they will have to time their exit well.

  • @Millonarios I thought the Chinese league was bringing in a salary cap? Is this not the case any more?

  • @NewUser731 There will be a salary cap next year for China. No way Bale is going there

  • The worry would surely be going to mls not china, maybe sign for beckhams Miami team?

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