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  • Just looking at transfer rumours and some interesting thoughts there for the summer. Apparently young Jude Bellingham has turned down Bayern Munich in favour of Borussia Dortmund and Thomas Meunier is also set to join them from PSG. The thing I found interesting when reading the story is that Mr Meunier was a stiker but was converted to full back whilst at his present club PSG. Can't say I have ever heard of that before - have you? He is not a bad price at ,89p a pop if it does come off though - someone to add to the watchlist

  • Meunier should be great value at 89p playing in the Dortmund side. I'd expect him to rise decently closer to the start of next season, whenever that maybe!

    That last part is the reason his price hasn't increased already 🤪

  • @Gary-T
    Didn't Sol Campbell start out as a striker before switching to centre back?

    Regarding Meunier, I'm not sure switching from PSG to Dortmund will do anything for his value. It's widely accepted, especially on this forum, that playing for PSG in France is advantageous (as everyone else in the league is pretty shit). The Bundesliga is much more competitive so, in theory, less opportunities for him to win PB divs. I've held shares in him for a while though so if he can pick up some MB divs during this window of downtime, then that's fine with me.

  • If he has already agreed to Join Dortmund then where is all the transfer mb for the next few weeks🤔.

  • @Vaughany Not totally sure but now you mention centre back I think Dion Dublin did it but could be wrong

  • Big John Wark did it too

  • @Ericali bow to your knowledge on this one as I have never heard of John Walk - now you mention it though was this not John Wark at Ipswich?

  • @Ericali You edited that

  • @Gary-T I didn't edit it at first - I put John Wark but auto correct changed Wark to Walk without me noticing 😎

  • @Gazz127 Good point I cant see him challenging the big boys at the top of MB but could be a useful look and see when the new season starts. Dortmund for me are the Man Utd of the bundesliga in that the press love them so he could get one or two mentions. They will need something to happen if their golden boy moves to the PL and no, I don't hold him so not a pump.

  • Berbatov against Leeds - only did it once mind 😂😂

  • Paul warhurst played centre half and striker for Blackburn

    Going back to the original post.......if meunier is going to dortmund, do we think that signals hakimi definitely being at real madrid next season?

  • Thinking ahead, if Meunier does go, there's a right back spot up for grabs at PSG. Easy domestic league, Champions League again next year (and the rest of this years competition) etc etc.

    Assuming PSG don't buy a replacement, who's likely to step in? Dagba is a natural right back and has featured for them a few times this year although he's now out injured. Kehrer is a centre back but can also play wide. In the last fixture before the shutdown, he played at right back in the CL game against Dortmund. At the very least, at £0.76, he might be worth looking at when CL football does resume, especially as they'll be Gold Days.

  • Paul Warhurst was at Wednesday when that happened, although he may also have played both when he went to Blackburn.

  • @Vaughany Dropped 10p in the last couple of weeks, on my watchlist, will be looking closely when football begins again, should be at Euros as well.

  • @Harford-is-God
    I might have jumped the gun but I've picked up 225 shares this evening. Think he's a decent long term hold anyway, even if his price drops a bit further.

  • @Vaughany of who? Meunier, Dagba or Kehrer?

  • @Gary-T
    Yeh, sorry, that wasn't clear. Of Kehrer.

    I already own Meunier.

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