A state of Zen or just a shit portfolio

  • While the past few weeks haven't exactly been a joy on FI, my port is pretty steady.

    Not a boast, more of a concern that I have got a terrible portfolio. Got some promising players ( Zakaria, Thuram, Badiashile), but tended to avoid mb players and top end.

    Anyone else in a happy place of knowing while the world is burning, their portfolio is pretty flat and so currently safe money for now?

  • @Moukoko

    I doubt we'll see much price volatility, outside those who hit the top of the MB list early in the day, most cash is awaiting developments & FI latest announcement & most long term holders are battening down the hatches & farming MB dividends. Any short term traders & IS merchants have been neutered by the spreads & lack of football, creating an artificially calm market. It's possible these super wide spreads are maintained until either football restarts or order books are launched (whichever comes first), we live in interesting times!

    I'm satisfied that football will return eventually & FI will go from strength to strength, so if I have an enforced 6 months sabbatical I'm not unduly concerned. Portfolio value & exit routes are only significant if you need the money or have over stretched yourselves, I'm fortunate not to fall into either category.

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