Did Ericali just buy 500 Pogba

  • 17p up already - @Ericali 's disciples are following him to the promised land.


  • @NewUser122021 did you sell your Poggers?

  • Just been reinstated at the top of the MB too

  • @Ericali have you noticed whenever there is an announcement from FI due certain profiles of players increase as if the news is leaked. I'm guessing the MB review is just about Poggers today 😄

  • @Ericali said in Did Ericali just buy 500 Pogba:

    @Uncle-G said in Did Ericali just buy 500 Pogba:

    We aren't likely to get any football while May at the earliest.

    Just one of the things that bugs me about you........why do you always use while instead of until?????? 🤣

  • @LittleFish No. The FI returned to sender. They obviously thought I was having a stroke and lacked the capacity to make such a decision. Good old FI he’s soaring now.

  • @Ericali did you sell the Pogba's you held a few days ago? Or have you topped up?

  • @ChazFI123 sold & bought back in today

  • @NewUser122021 I was just wondering how easy he was to sell when we get these little runs on him. I've held for a long time now. Can't bring myself to sell when MB is the only game and he brings in so many divs.

  • Ive had some listed a few days. He’s up 30p and they didn’t sell. Delisted them now.

    Guessing it was delisting that has shifted the price as much as buying

  • @Ericali
    Great investing
    I’m 2500 shares in pogba so didn’t want get even more exposed, or the mrs wouldn’t let me 😂

  • @Elmer
    And the masses amount of buys

  • Eric bought Pogba?! 🤣 anyone checked on @Sol? Think that pillow he’s been crying into might need a change 😂

  • @Elmer ok thanks. Fair few buys going through the ticker so queue should be a bit shorter. I'm staying in as who else do you put your money in at the moment with half a chance of getting it out if you need it.

  • @LittleFish To be honest I don’t see any sense in selling him now. The FI have clearly relaxed the who CV element of the MB divedends. There are realistically 3-5 players on here who will attract regular MB divedends, being Pogba, Bruno, Sancho maybe Neymar. I don’t see footballe returning before June/July at the earliest when you factor in the growth of CV, plus the time it will take to get players up to match fitness.
    So my advice, hold on to him as he may be the only way of income for a while. He will go up and down, like he is now, just dropped 4-5p even though he is way out front on today’s MB points chart.

    Stay strong .....

  • @NewUser122021 yeah I'm not selling anytime soon. Well when Eric starts slagging him again I might list 😄😄

  • Nice surge for Pogs in last 24 hours.

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