• Hi, I have been on here for a month and have never sold anyone before. i decided to see how long it would take to sell apparently the best player in the world. I listed 2 futures in Ronaldo on the 12/03/20. They are still for sale now, how long does it normally take to sell someone? If it takes at least a week to sell 2 futures
    worth £5 in the best player in the world then i do not hold much hope of selling anyone else. Thanks

  • @NewUser531742 depends on someone else wanting to buy, he may be the best in the world but not on the index and unique times for everyone not just the index, he will sell when football starts up again.

  • @NewUser531742 You have to consider his age, doesnt have a big transfer rumour in him at the moment (or ever again possibly), players outside the PL when most peoples mentality is Englands league is the best for FI. Not in the media currently and the Euros have now been delayed for a year. These are the main reason he has not sold for you. Once football starts again he will move as people will then buy.

  • @NewUser531742 So you’ve tried outing Ronaldo. But where does “the best player in the world” fit into it?

  • oh what has happened? I did not realise football had been called off. I will have to rethink my strategy

  • You’ve joined the worst time ever to actually sell a player on FI. My advice is to stick with it until all this pandemic is over and maybe top up on certain players.
    play the waiting game - look at mid to long term, ie 6mths+

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