3 Year Rule??????

  • Do you lose your money due to this rule if you do not sell the shares?

  • @NewUser135969 Yes. Although FI are planning to email people before this deadline.

  • @Noirx4
    Must say that is a ridiculous rule, basically stealing money from people.
    They would be obliged to give you some notice I would imagine

  • @NewUser135969 it's a rule they had to put in for it to be classed as betting as all bets need an end date

  • @Noirx4
    Fair enough but just stick 100 years and nobody would ever be affected

  • 100 years wouldn't be classed as a betting site then lol, 3 years was the max limit they could do to get the red tape sorted. if People cant find a dip in a payers 3 year graph to sell all there futures and buy back in that time, your not much of a trader, Neymar's injury perfect example for anyone owning him for the 2.5 year mark, sell them all then, and buy back when he dipped, would have cost you nothing, if anything maybe made some cash, and you have another 3 years of Neymar.

  • It's funny how everyone is assuming that the player they bought will continue to go up exponentially and they'll hold until retirement. Most are chasing gains for a few weeks/ months and perhaps a couple of years. Just hope that FI is still around in 3 years.

    I'd suggest people focus on finding a good strategy and worry less about three years.

  • They would more than likely reduce than increase it

  • Was just kidding with the 100 years thing to be fair
    I won't hold any player for 3 years

  • @NewUser135969 Haha I struggle to hold a player for more than 3 months never mind 3 years.

  • If you hold futures for more than 3 years it’s no longer a bet and classed as an investment and Capital Gains Tax rules apply.

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