What players does the pandemic favour price wise?

  • I'm guessing players that have a long term injury are probably the best ones to invest in because you were going to have to wait for them anyway but here you will get a low price for great potential.

    Lampard said back in November that Ruben loftus cheek was going to be playing in a couple of weeks. We are now mid march and he hasn't played a game. For me when this pandemic is over he should be ready to start. Are there many other players in a similar situation to him?

  • @Tom7471 tammy Abraham and Christian Pulisic. Also Kane and Rashford depending on how long the suspension lasts

  • From my personal portfolio I’ve been waiting for pogba, Rashford, hazard and loftus cheek.
    Obviously pogbas been rising in the pandemic.

  • Was just about to ask something similar - got £500 from this months wages left over and looking to invest in someone I can make a quick buck on once football starts....not looking for MB (bonus if he picks some up), but basically who would you sink £500 in for a 'possible' decent return within a month or so of football starting again (I know we don't know when).

    I sank £3k into Rashford during the IS end of the world days - so im already on that potential train.

  • Rashford, Depay for me.

  • PB players in the £0.50 to £2.50 range have seen the biggest drops as they offer very little whilst there is no football being played. The top end PB players continue to do well as they also offer MB appeal. Eg Neymar, Fernandes etc.

    MB players will give you some good returns over the next 3 months but if you're willing to be patient, now is a great time to pick up some real PB bargains at the lower end of the market. Check out the graphs of the likes of Gosens, Max, Cornet, G Moreno.

  • @Vaughany when was the last time Neymar won MB? I hold and nothing - if it hadn't been for the spreads I would have put to market and invested in someone else to be honest

  • These guys are everywhere at the moment!


  • I think rashford, Kane and loftus cheek are great shouts. Especially cheek for me just because he will get into the England squad when he is not injured which I don't think he had time to do before the virus.

  • @Gary-T
    Yeh, maybe he was a bad example. I don't hold Neymar and have never thought about doing so. Maybe I should have said Pogba and Fernandes instead. Do you think Neymar might pick up some MB over the next couple of months as the transfer rumour mill gets going? No doubt he'll be linked with a return to Spain again.

  • @Vaughany I hold Neymar and Griezmann that will be a story later in the summer just about timing the right time to buy.

    But also again lots of value in the £1 range, I’m just waiting to see what happens when IS is opened up as I think they’ll be a drop lower down as people move money into the top MB players.

  • @Sav2000
    I hope so. I hold Griezmann and any MB regarding a move (especially if it's to PSG) would be great.

    I think you're right. I have already made a move for a number of players in that £1 range over the last week but I've held some cash back, as you say they may drop a bit further if/when the spreads are reduced and IS opens up.

  • Rashford, i think there will be huge excitement for him to link up with Bruno.

  • @Vaughany Personally not until the summer - from a FI perspective traders (I think) will still be looking at Fernandes, Kane, Pogba - as for others I believe they will be one trick ponies like Henderson (Dean) and Matic who hit the heights for one day but have disappeared in a puff of smoke. Some traders will have been caught holding these now as no one wants them - YET. The prices of F, K and P will bounce a bit up and down as they share the MB. It needs a bit of thinking from FI to get the juices flowing again and the index moving, Plus, and it is sad to say, people are not going to open the purse strings for a while in light of what is going on in the world and the dangers of no money coming in to a household. If I did have the pennies to invest now my choice would be Connor Cody, Eden Hazard and Haarland

  • I can see a youth trend again (certainly at the higher profile clubs) -the fixtures pile ups will force lots of squad rotation and opportunities for youngsters.

  • @Tom7471

    Serie A players...

    Italy are around a month ahead of us with the virus... which should in theory mean... a month closer to recovery, which could mean, they will be the first league back.

    Particularly, Juventus players, because they were among the first players to get the virus and as such saw some sizable dips... but it also means, they are the least likely to get it going forward.... because the working theory is, once you've had the virus, you're probably immune to it.

    Even more specifically... Cuadrado and Bonucci... not for any logical reasons... but just because I own the hell out of them and preferred life when my portfolio was constantly on the rise.

  • Just seen someone buy quite a lot of Rashford, him and United benefit a lot from this. Could start again with a fully fit Rashford and Pogba (sold Pogba, but still hold Rashford and will for 3 years)

  • I would suggest Eden Hazard at £3.56. He has had a horrible first season with weight issues, fitness and two injuries. For the past 4 years he has had a pattern of great year, bad year, great year and a bad year.

    He is due a good year, hopefully recovers fully from injury, settled at club and gets match fit. Tail end of this season (hopefully), next season and culminating with the Euro's.

  • @Martyn-B Martyn good shout and I did mention him above - one thing to keep an eye on for everyone, Hazard (like Bale) is not happy at RM and has fallen out with Zidane so once fit I would not be surprised if a move wasn't in the offering - Germany calling??

  • @Gary-T I would question whether Zidane will still be Manager next season, they have been useless apart from the win against Barcelona so that may solve Hazard's issues.

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