Attacking full backs

  • Hey guys,

    I’m looking for some young (U24) full backs that deliver plenty of crosses and are an attacking threat. Shill me your players and why you rate them!

    So far I’ve got Theo Hernandez (great attacking output), Emerson (same story), and pervis estupinan who has had solid PB and has great crossing stats per game

  • Kieran Tierney could be an interesting option, wonder what he'll be like under Arteta

  • If you're willing to flex slightly on your age restriction by a year or two, you'll get more options. I hold Hernandez too and I'd love to have TAA but he's out of my price range. Others to consider:

    Di Lorenzo

  • Di Lorenzo and Hakimi for me.

  • Luke shaw

  • Gosens absolute steal at the minute too

  • Ben Chilwell. Could be on for a move in the summer. I don't own

  • Reece James. Enough said. 'If'/ 'when' Chelsea actually convert some chances his assists will be go through the roof.

  • I like Emerson and he's in a double dip, not favoured at Chelsea and the virus... He will move in Summer, and most likely be Italy lb. Very cheap for his attacking potential, just not sure we've reached his bottom yet, if spreads are released he could be further dumped for now. But long term very good value.

    T Hernandez

    Aaron's, if he moves?

    Oh and imagine if Saka gets changed to DEF, but then goes back to LW when Tierney comes back!

  • Atal ticks those boxes but classed as a midfielder on FI, also plenty of links with English clubs lots of upsides.
    Coming back from injury before the season halt so could be back for returning games.

  • @Westy I looked at reguilon, saw more value in estupinan. The Emerson I own is the one at Betis, part owned by Barca. There’s a chance he goes to barca in summer

  • Ruben vinagre
    Liverpool and barca want him
    Very cheap with massive potential

  • Vitaliy Mykolenko

  • Maouassa - currently listed as a midfielder but surely that will change as hes only played LB, been one of the best attacking LBs in France this season and only 21.

    Atal - Injured until May/June, quality fast dribbler who plays every position down the right and even sometimes left wing, but unfortunately hes also currently listed as a midfielder and good chance it will stay that way.

    Hakimi - very attacking right wing back for Dortmund, gets in behind defences time and time again, making him a very dangerous player.

    Cucurella - Another quality young attacking LB, who Getafe will likely buy from Barcelona then sell for huge profit this summer.

    Gosens - slightly older than you were looking for (25) but plays left wing back for the most attack minded team in europe.

    Klostermann - Absolute bargain, attack minded right wing back for Leipzig (germanys first choice too) but played a lot of the season at CB due to Leipzigs injury crisis (all but one of their CBs have been injured) will be back playing at right wing back next season (or beforehand if this season resumes).

  • @Pwaca il check him out.

    Have been tipped by a non fi footy man about a tavares a rb in Portugal benfica? There seems to be 2 tavares at benfica, one is on fi, is he the one? Anyone else know which tavares is the hot prospect wingback?

  • Forgot I still have 900 florenzi in the port 43p now.
    Turned into a long term hold now for me.

  • Grimaldo, chance he will move to bigger club {pb club} set pieces bonus

  • Castagne all day long.Up for grabs as contract running out.Perfect for premier league.

  • @osmanlao he wasn’t starting any matches Gosen had been keeping in on the bench; needed the Euros to show case his talent, not seen any rumours about a move. Do you have any links? If he is likely to move to the EPL is happily buy back in.

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