market update 20/03/2020

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    screeny if anyone cant see the link

  • Any ideas what the 24th will bring - I was going to sink some pennies in today, but might hold off a few days.

  • @Millerman-again probably the extension of the double dividend to end of April, coinciding with the (current) plan of that’s when football is returning.
    I’m not expecting anything major. Maybe the introduction of top 5 MB places are now rewarded with divs.

    Still a little bit disappointed with the MB payouts, as before they were willing to pay 32p per share for whoever won star player on a gold day, so clearly they have large amounts of cash sitting in their accounts. What we have for MB now is quite a lot less in comparison

  • @Andy But the media days are every day vs 1 or 2 gold days a week. Plus their commission will be lower the next month or so.

  • @Andy Despite their pay-out per share being lower than anticipated, their average daily gross pay-out is probably much higher on MB only days due to the predictability and number of shares owned in the media regulars.

    They would've factored in the likelihood of a obscure players winning the double PB with very few shares owned in them.

  • Exactly the liquidity in the market has shrunk significantly which is where they generate revenue so they need to find a middle ground.

    FI have to model/forecast what happens if football doesn’t resume for 6/9/12 months and make sure they’re financially secure based on a set max divs payout per month.

    It’s a delicate battle for them to strike, remember they have as much idea about the future of football and timings as we do!

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