Leighton Baines 30p Set piece taker 👍🏼

  • This post is deleted!

  • I can see you've only joined in the last month so hopefully this is useful advice.

    35 year old defenders aren't normally that sought after on FI. Baines hasn't got much MB appeal either, and that's going to be the only way of earning dividends for the next month and a half unless FI pull an announcement out of left field on Tuesday.

    I wish you well but I can't see much demand for him at the moment.

  • But we are on the brink of an Apocalypse
    one where only Reptiles and Leighton Baines will end up surviving, which might be a positive both from an MB and PB Perspective.

    Im sure if Jim Morrison was a trader, he be all over this opportunity

    FI - Where monkey business is big business

  • His top 5 scores aint all that but maybe he is just about to turn it on. On the plus side he aint injured.


  • The only positive "fit to play"!

  • Yeah I say this as nicely as possible.

    Don't waste your money on shite like Leighton Baines. You will get zero return.

    With the amount of players dropping right now if I saw a sale for 300 Leighton Baines go through the ticker I'd think "what are they playing at". So much value on the index right now

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