£100.00 top up or buy.

  • I have a spare £100 to top up holds or buy new. I have Bruno as a hold but only a few shares of him in my smallish port (£1000.00) but is growing each payday.

    I see Pogba is a bit of a media darling at the moment and Ighalo is dropping in price but should earn a few MB divs.

    I'm either going to top up more Bruno or buy Pogba or Ighalo. What would you do and reasons for/against

  • All 3 are good holds right now. All have a very high percentage chance of being in the media top 3. Take your pick. With the next few months of no football guaranteed, you can feel assured they will reward your investment. 👍🏼

  • Bruno and Pogba are much safer IMO.

    Ighalo is on loan at Man utd and getting paid a lot of money to play football and right now no football is being played.

    The longer football is on hiatus the more likely Ighalo will be going back to China and if that happens suddenly you own 20p shares that cost you 2 pound each and youre praying he gets a move.

  • @Kipper72
    Bruno!! Once footie starts up he is the main man at United no matter who they buy in the summer...PB and MB darling and King of FI for a long time imo.
    Pogba is off, cant see him staying at all but he is a MB darling for FI and obviously will have transfer spec but once he moves out of England I really think he will drop. Time it right and he could give you some monies of course but persoannly tou have about 5 - 6 months of Pogba.
    Ighalo is done once Rashford comes back...in fact I'd buy Rashford instead of Ighalo myself.

  • Fred and Rashford are also good United holds if you are looking for a bit MB over the downtime imo. No Euros now so those non European players are less likely to have as big dips as people are more likely to hold so not as risky as before.

    Sabitzer and Hannes Wolf are showing signs of transfer spec coming over the summer also

  • @Black-wolf I did have Sabitzer when I first joined FI a couple of months ago. I IS'd him stupidly as he started losing money. I now see he is higher priced than I bought him for - lesson learned there. I panicked as a newbie but have now chilled out so may buy back into him.

    I now have 3 players from Bundesliga, 4 from Serie A, 1 from La Liga and 5 from the premier league who I want to keep as holds for MB/PB.

    Hannes Wolf is on a nice dip so may be worth a look, just added to my watch list.

    Other than that have a few 20p to £1.00 players who may make me millions but probably won't.

    This time next year Rodney.

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