Covid19 Good Causes Fund ???

  • Wonder if this wonderful community would like to use this post as a place to drop ideas on something we can do, so when this all blows over we can give something back?

    My idea for a start, and i'm hoping we can create 'something' that gains momentum and then some media footage and then....and then...


    My suggestion is that people commit to 10% of their daily media payout bonus to a 'pot' (or whatever % they feel they wish to commit to).

    Post a screenshot of their payout so we can keep a running total of what we raise.

    Maybe once the football starts again (my suggestion would be the day the Prem starts again). We then ask the forum of suggestions of where the pot of cash goes. We then vote, and then find a way of getting the cash to them.

    No cash would be held anywhere apart from our own pockets - and upon re-start of the season we donate the cash then?

    Maybe we can ask FI if we can use some type of #tag for Twitter and raise a) to feel all warm and fluffy money and b) the awarness of the platform, which will hopefully raise activity, which will raise us more cash as users of the product.

    Dunno? What are people's thoughts - anyone up for it?

    Dump your ideas here and lets see if we can make something happen.

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    This is great, and I am sure some would join.
    Be aware though, that some people are doing all they can elsewhere, and so won't want to join here as well (for instance, I am working a lot of extra hours for free and doing stuff like buying nappies for the vulnerable children's little brothers/sisters in my class etc.
    So turn out may not be as high as you hope, but I would think only because people are doing so much elsewhere that there has to be a stop somewhere

    Good luck, I will follow with interest

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