Has he jumped ship?

  • Fernandes is not even on the media list as I speak and its a Saturday wow

  • Daily Express must have sold all their shares ... 😜

  • @johnboywalker said in Has he jumped ship?:

    Daily Express must have sold all their shares ... 😜

    Even more cunningly not writing about him so they can pick up some more at a discount price as the shortist of short termist's panic list/sell, as he hasn't topped MB for a couple of days. He's going to be a dividend monster, having already returned over £1.50 since January, for the foreseeable future (not just today & tomorrow) I must have misread the bit about a 3 year bet, whilst some seem happy to buy & sell him like a 50p IPD player!

    Just waiting for him to launch a foodbank aimed at helping the elderly, key workers & the self employed hopefully sometime next week.

  • @johnboywalker Jack Otway must be self isolating.
    edit: just checked his twitter account and he's posted nothing for two days. Normally there are multiple shitty Man U articles on there every day but his last tweet was on the 19th about his gf working in Tesco.
    Come back, Jack, all is forgiven.

  • Im waiting for Neymar to make some kind of headline grabbing donation. Cmon you earn about a million an hour you know you want to give some away to an important cause at a time like this.

  • @dean73 said in Has he jumped ship?:

    @johnboywalker Jack Otway must be self isolating

    Must be something to do with this


  • Myself and others said about a week ago that a lack of footy would be harmful to Bruno's MB since hes not a haircut guy, but more somebody gets eulogised over every time a flick comes off or a clever pass.

    Not saying I'm proved right yet, in fact I may still be completely wrong, but if I had a fortune in him it's certainly something I'd be thinking about

  • @MickTurbo I did have a fortune in him & it's something I DID think about, when football was stopped.

    Long term, he's the perfect hold - MB & PB.

    Just now, not so much.

  • The express always have lots of articles it was the same in the summer, think neymar has the record of articles in one go.

  • @Ericali

    Looks like our man Jack has a new squeeze ... 🤣😜

    2 articles already today.

    0_1584894516467_Screenshot_20200322-162217_Samsung Internet.jpg

    Perhaps Griezball will be his summer fling?! 🤔

  • @johnboywalker I'm back on Griezy as of right now. Been putting my divs into him for a few days but just deposited a grand and topped back upto 500. Hes one of a few relatively cheap but top class transfer spec players who I think are all upside providing the world doesnt end

  • @johnboywalker @MickTurbo bloody hope so. Currently 31p down on 210 shares of him. Really tempting to buy more at his current price. Got over £100 earned in divs over the past week waiting to be spent. Do I pull the trigger?

  • @Andy I initially bought in at £2.81 just after the div increase and then bought the dip again and again. Got out of him along with virtually every other player just before 'the event' (https://youtu.be/wnd1jKcfBRE). Back on now though.

    I'm not gonna tell u or anyone else where to stick your money at present. I dont know enough about your situation or about how the next 3/6/9 months are gonna pan out. But Griezy IMO has a similar profile to Coutinho who is top of the trend list today. By that I mean he is top class, he has an uncertain/unhappy present club situation, he is linked to Utd among others, and his price starts with a 2

  • @MickTurbo Yeah i appreciate your honesty and feedback.
    You do bring up good points with him being not still at barca though. Will probs see what is announced on Tuesday before making a decision

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