I'm Never Buying Pogba Again!

  • I've owned Pogba in fairly large quantities on and off since I joined FI. He has earned me good profit from capital appreciation and to date has got me more dividends (over £1000) than any other player.

    I got out a while after the share split and had been feeling relieved and fairly pleased with my decision. Of course the recent developments have placed an emphasis on media again which has casted him back into the spotlight. I recently decided I'd dabble again and purchased a small amount of futures.

    Within a few days, I'd had enough and market sold the shares (took a few days). His price is too volatile for me and all the thought of needing to potentially time an exit right (especially in view of him possibly moving away from the Premier League) is something I don't need - not for all the MB in the world! Not even if Adam Cole permanently doubles MB dividends!

  • @Boris999 fair enough Boris, fair enough. 👍

    But don't limit yourself by saying you will never buy him again - I thought that....

    Circumstances change.

    I never envisaged a virus that would stop football for months on end & the platform reverting back to purely a media buzz platform again.

    As it was in the beginning, it shall be in the end. 😉

  • @Boris999 as Eric said never say never mate!! I thought I was done with him but I’m still in and just timing the exit! Let’s see what this announcement says before making any decisions...

  • someone else said that when i first joined 8 months ago.. i didnt listen and hes won me huge amounts since ..never sell the pogs never far away from the media

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