Do we expect football again this year?

  • With all that's going on in the world as much as we love football it seems very trivial to worry when it will be back on. I can't see football again this year, we know pubs, bars etc going to be shut for few months minimum and social distancing minimum of 12 weeks, the government will not allow any key workers taken of the front line incase player X falls ill or injures himself playing football. I think this could blow up into Italy scenario in a few weeks which is scary. There is no chance of a champs league final by June 27th and Italian teams and Spanish teams won't want to play I wouldn't have thought with what's going on in their respective countries so what's the point anyway.

  • Why, what's going on in the world? What are you on about?

  • It wouldn’t surprise me if the government at some point ask for games to be played just to try and improve the mood of the national conscious. A full year without any sport, cinema, theatre etc... is a recipe for madness. It might just help people take their mind of things with a little bit of light relief. However it would almost certainly be played behind closed doors and I wonder if PL clubs would agree to that? Maybe they might consent if they play friendlies or possible matches between PL clubs and the likes of Celtic and Rangers but again with rules prohibiting fans from attending or standing around outside the stadiums.

    I’m only speculating in terms of the possibility of football returning in some capacity but I think a large part of the younger and less affected by Covid-19 portion of the population will go stir crazy if asked not to go to work or attend various events for the next 6 months. However, any priority at the minute has to be ensuring our NHS can cope when the surge comes and football is very far down on the list of priorities in our country at the moment. The data modelling seems to indicate we are about two weeks behind Italy and that means we are two weeks behind the army being needed to take dead bodies to crematoriums.

  • May earliest. Still not looking good for then though 😔 some are saying September is more likely. Missing my footie fix 😢 thank God for football index! FI, please announce double dividends to the top 5 🙏🏼

  • The people need bread and circuses. I can see it returning in some form sooner than people might expect.

  • @Sol we need a Bruno story

  • @MUFC I’d be surprised if there’s any in the next four months. I can see this season being completed including European comps whenever it may be and then next season being a half season.
    Play each team once plus the European competitions. No way there’s time to finish this season then have another full season before next May.

  • They can worry about next season later, this season gets finished first.
    If the FA have to scrap the league cup then so be it, no winter break at all.
    The players have to play some double games weeks Now and again - not exactly a hardship imo.

  • I think we will have football back on quicker than we think. I would guess 3 months tops.

  • Southampton Chief yesterday saying he thinks it will be back in no time, pumped into living rooms while the general public are still in lock down. If there is no footy on for the rest of this year then I fear we have much greater issues to worry about.

  • Matches behind closed doors will still require Medical resources to be on standby which might prove to be a factor

  • I see they are using data simulations to predict the rest of the season - If they are that worried about completing the season why not apply that across the board and complete the leagues - At least it will be based on what the teams have actually done and should give a fair representation of the position they will finish in. This way the season will be over, the players can stay in isolation, supporters will not be in any danger, medical staff can be used to fight this virus and finally, amongst all that is going on in the world, they can put plans in place to start when all is ok. I know I said in another thread that they have to finish the season regardless of how long it takes but each day I am changing my mind and think the time has come now to draw a line under this season (stop the will it/wont it scenario/debate) and plan for the future.

  • @Gary-T thanks Gary I can see that being agreed and working.

  • It’s likely that PL football will be back playing (behind closed doors) by the beginning of June.

    Yes, this will result in a small amount of medical staff attending these matches rather than making themselves available to help Coronavirus suffers. But the Government and other authorities will soon realise that the best way to keep people in their homes and isolated, is to show them live sport on TV. The benefit this will provide to society could outweigh the effort to stage such matches.

    All of my family have been isolating and avoiding non essential contact for 5 days and we’re all seriously bored already. I just don’t believe that the general public will have the discipline and patience to do this for months and months unless they are provided with huge amounts of new entertainment, straight into their living rooms.

  • I listened to the latest TIFO podcast on my way home off nights, it’s very interesting the Football reporter from the FI explained in simple terms why the season will have to be finished and by when.

    If your bored at home I’d really recommend subscribing to the TIFO pods.

  • Is it me or are some people on here naive, let's play games to cheer the nation up, do you know how stupid that sounds, we are on the verge of 100's people dying daily and you think the government are going to say yea you go and play footie lads as some people are a bit disappointed there's no sport, honestly footie is not even worth considering until this has well and truly blown over, you also have the prospect of players not wanting to play and put family members at risk, who gives a shit if this season finishes now anyway let's be honest about it, in a few weeks when we are seeing 100's dying daily football won't even enter people's thoughts

  • @Sav2000 the season won't get finished byba certain date if this isn't on the back burner. Stock markets loosing billions, do you think anyone cares if sky don't get there games finished etc

  • Does anyone on here think Italians are desperate for their season to finish? My guess who be football couldn't be further away from their thoughts right now and probably will struggle to focus on football long after this how gone, such is the impact on people's lives over their

  • @MUFC said in Do we expect football again this year?:

    Does anyone on here think Italians are desperate for their season to finish?

    I believe sport, any sport, may well be used as a useful distraction from the misery & self isolation that is being currently suggested (or forcibly imposed) across Europe. No CV cure current exists & any vaccine or herd immunity seems many months possible a year+ away. i doubt that it will remain plausible either socially or economically to keep whole countries in "lock down" in anything but the short term. Economies & social activities will have to be allowed to operate, albeit on a limited or restricted basis, for example without mass crowd gatherings, otherwise civil disobedience will likely become rife.

    Italians love their football so it may well be seen as the perfect tonic to heal a mourning nation & create much needed social cohesion. There will be obvious operational difficulties like ensuring the health & safety of players & officials but I think the wider good may also make it more likely than not that a limited sporting programme resumes from Jun/Jul onwards with football in the frontline. Would several hundred otherwise fit & healthy young men be risked (any of whom had a 99%+ chance of a full recovery even if they did catch CV) to relieve the grief & distress of the many millions left socially isolated?

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