Which teams are going to benefit this break?Relegation

  • Footy fun times ahead

    Teams who had injured players will now in some cases have a near full 1st squad again when football is returned.

    Teams get in a groove either winning or losing and with the season stopping whose going to get an advantage and hit the ground running.

    I have 🤞 that Sheffield United get into a European competition they've been amazing this season.

    But I think there could be a shock relegated team
    Norwich I think will struggle to stay.

    With 9games (villa 10) to play if Brighton and below all win 3/4 in a row on the bounce they'll all be up to 36pts and in a scrap with the mid tablers who might think they are safe and get nothing Everton 37pts , Arsenal 40pts are getting better but with stroppy players could implode.
    In 8th place are Struggling Spurs only on 41pts.

    With 27pts to win who's got the guts to fight.

    As my wife says I talk alot of shit....
    Bournemouth 100% I don't think so

    Your thoughts on whose Going Down!!!!!

  • I was going to say Bournemouth because Brooks might be back?

  • I think it’ll be Norwich villa and Brighton. Bournemouth will benefit as they’ve had a lot of players out, and West Ham should improve having longer to train under the new manager. Watford are the other team I’d be worried about. Not sure if the breaks come at a good or bad time for wolves as they were flying, but they do have a small squad so it might help

  • John Mcginn will be back for Villa and that will be a massive boost to the midfield, with him and Grealish both fit much higher chance of staying up.

    It's going to be hard to tell what kind of form teams will have in June (I think premiership won't be back till then) but my 3 To go down would be;

    Norwich - too far adrift and not got the quality.

    Watford - had a purple patch with the new manager, expect them to come out 2nd best in the key relegation matches.

    Brighton - not won a game in 2020.

  • At the other end of the table spurs could have Kane, Son and Bergwijn back which makes them suddenly a way better team

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