Some Ideas To Stimulate Buying

  • The only thing that will stimulate buying is some football being played. The media thing is a total shambles. The "Andy or Andrew" Robertson is the final nail in the coffin for me.

  • @Coleyscrooge lottery thing is an awful idea but to put more weight on the already embarrassing MB scoring system is not the way forward. Announce a whole new scoring mechanism that gives equal chances to all based on actual media mentions. This would result in more investment in other players rather than the usual top 6-10 and also solve a flawed system that will eventually break FI

  • simply increase MB divs after 3rd April any player making the top 30 wins 1p more for top 3

  • @deano you’re joking right? Top 30 🤣

  • @deano
    Simply crazy !
    I’d rather FI stick to the same and be in a financially strong position once we return to normality.

  • @Black-wolf I quite like the idea of a PB lottery. As long as it’s a small amount of dividends as to maintain the financial stability of the platform. It would give a little bit of interest to traders. I don’t think they will do it but I do think FI are doing a really good job at the minute. Got to say I’m loving the 5-side thread, gutted I was knocked out in the first round😂

  • I think they could begin to shorten spreads (slowly & gradually) of players posting regular average/decent MB scores - It's not the miracle answer but will be at least a small step in bringing back some liquidity.

    PB should remain high for the time being.

  • Who knows, maybe they will bring order books forward. They did say it would be a big announcement tomorrow. They have been testing it for the last month or so with certain traders so the tech can not be too far away from being ready.

  • Any buys bought now only have the IPD eligibility period start when football returns for that players respective league. Also IPD's will be double for any remaining fixtures played this season.

    With a possible congested fixture schedule this will give people real incentive to pump into PB and IPD players now and keep money in the index.

  • How much do people honestly think they need to stimulate growth. The issue at the moment is global financial insecurity, not how many pence is being paid out in MB.

    8.25% bonus is miles better than anything you will find elsewhere yet people aren't putting money in.

    If FI increase their dividends they are just giving away more money at a difficult time. It would be madness. As far as I'm aware the Footie has grown ever so slightly for the last 3/4 days. Let's keep it that way.

  • They currently give 18p media div for 3 players, I would probably stretch that to 5. Then I would do a super media day points like they did with the matchday, 1p per 500 media points

  • How about a system which leaves the top three payouts as they are but then 1p for every player who hits a certain score but doesn't finish top three (maybe 250 media points) in a given day? Some days there might be five to ten players who earn the 1p bonus while on a low scoring day, FI may not need to pay any extra at all. Sounds affordable for FI while providing returns on players who get a few stories but rarely enough to finish top three.

  • @NewUser731 Fully agree - The majority of users who are vocal about another promotion will be using it as an opportunity to exit rather than participating, save the next promotion for when users are more comfortable to part with their cash.

    Most of us experience steady growth every month - This doesn't mean we are entitled to it, we are very fortunate that our portfolios are not collapsing.

  • @Pez and would this make you put significant amounts more into the index or is it just to receive more dividends?

  • @NewUser731 it would. I have said in previous posts that I have put thousands in with the 8.25% offer so I targeted MB players Bruno, Pogba. If they do something like I said more money would be put in. Everyday when players are at the top 3 there prices always rise like today with Asensio, TAA and Dybala, do dividends for 5 that's another 2 players that will be bought into.

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