Pre-FI Announcement Rant

  • I’ve kept quiet about this even though it’s been bothering me, but I’d like to get this rant in before the announcement tomorrow.

    A lot of people have been discussing what kind of promotion they want to see, which obviously makes sense because that’s the point of the forum. But there is a good chance tomorrow’s announcement will underwhelm a lot of people, because they’re setting their expectations higher than anything FI can actually do right now.

    But more than anything it just follows the trend of having a lot of quite entitled and kind of spoon-fed people on this platform. The kind of people demanding they artificially boost PB players, just so they can make money. No one is entitled to make money. Promotions should be about providing opportunity to make money, not ensuring that people who are struggling are making money artificially. Not to mention look at the current global crisis, it’s not just an FI phase thats causing PB players to stagnate, it’s a global pandemic nothing to do with FI.

    If you don’t have a Media portfolio right now, then just take advantage of the deposit bonus if you can (obviously this is hard for some, and for those struggling financially cause of coronavirus I do feel for you a lot right now). But don’t request a Top 30 Media Payout (which I saw on another thread 😂), just because you’re just expecting handouts.

    I get that it’s difficult to trade right now, cause of the spreads, and the small number of players that can earn divs. But firstly, what can be done about it? FI can’t cure coronavirus can they? But more importantly I’ve seen these kind of demands throughout my time on the index, on twitter and the forum, as soon as this is over and the next drop comes about, people will be complaining again that their portfolio doesn’t match the current trends and demanding FI fix it, as opposed to adapting their strategy to the current trend, or waiting tight until trends change (This post is not a criticism of users who choose to hold for the long term).

    I’ve been on the index about 9months now, and I really cannot wait to see the platform grow and peak, because then if users want to make money, they’ll actually have to learn how to trade properly. The amount of people on here who make money with deposit bonuses and buying Jude Bellingham and then think it’s a trading strategy is crazy.

    Rant over, how many enemies have I made?

  • @Daniel said in Pre-FI Announcement Rant:

    I’ve been on the index about 9months now, and I really cannot wait to see the platform grow and peak, because then if users want to make money, they’ll actually have to learn how to trade properly. The amount of people on here who make money with deposit bonuses and buying Jude Bellingham and then think it’s a trading strategy is crazy.

    Generally agree. Traders do have to learn how to trade well. There was nothing wrong in buying Bellingham before covid-19 when he was flying. The good traders would have taken the CA profit and exited when he peaked (don't hold).

  • I agree completely. If there is a chance to make money like that then take it of course. That applies to Bellingham, Bruno, Haaland a few months ago.

    I admit Bellingham maybe is a bad example cause of his age though, they’ll always be CA in young players.

  • Agree. It's normally down to a fundamental lack of understanding of what the platform is.

    I'd quite like some time to work out if I am a good or bad trader (I suspect I am average), and I'd be willing to lose around 40% of my profit to work that out. Obviously I would prefer not to lose money, but I am also not sold on constantly artificially inflating the market.

    I hold no mb players and not a lot of top 200s but have made a few savvy purchases that I am more than happy with. I'll never retire on this but it certainly is better than traditional gambling

  • Agree. The most sensible posters on the forum have always promoted having a diverse portfolio to try and have a finger in every pie. This approach is paying dividends (literally) at the moment.

    The more high risk traders that trade in only one area of the market are going to suffer, rightly so, unless they hold only MB players at the moment (and their portfolios will suffer too when football returns, unless they time their exit well).

    FI have done brilliantly so far. I hope they don't have too many fireworks tomorrow and hold a few back for the rest of summer. Keep your expectations realistic and be patient, things will look a lot better in 6 months to a year.

  • @Daniel couldn't agree more, if your struggling to trade due to not having money to invest or players who won't sell then hold out. It's not a money printing service the index run

  • Well said. I've tried to dampen down people's expectations or wants... The main thing is FI survive this. This is going to be a massive world recession. They must put the company first to protect us all. Il be happy with media madness like in the Summer.

    As @Martyn-B says, diversity is preached a lot, but many dismiss it. Diversity is a safer approach to consolidation or trend hopping as whatever the market trend you will have parts of your port working for you. Obviously you can make bigger profits with consolidation but it's risky for this kind of market problem.

  • Yep, I really hope people just accept what ever the offer is.
    I’m not expecting anything, at the moment I’m just investing in FI as a company - short term % increases don't matter to me, I want to be trading in 6 months time.

  • If people aren't happy with what FI are currently doing, I'm sure Ladbrokes will be happy to take any bets they currently wish to place on the Angolan Soccer League and Sumo Wrestling.

    I'm still an FI believer and regardless of what they do or don't do tomorrow, I'll still be here on the other side of the coronavirus. Hope to see you guys too.

  • @Boris999 arent you supposed to be in a COBRA meeting?

  • @Black-wolf said in Pre-FI Announcement Rant:

    @Boris999 arent you supposed to be in a COBRA meeting?

    Multi-tasking 😉

  • @Boris999 Ladbrokes wouldn't take those bets off me sadly!! Banned from a of those tosser bookies.

  • Agree 100 percent

    One of the more reliable ways to make money on FI is via getting on trends early ahead of time. Its a horrible worldwide situation but from an FI perspective, it creates opportunities.

    From an FI perspective they need people to trade however so they need something to make the daily payouts more variable and less predictible.

    Off topic but the NFL has opened up free agency. As a fan, it's been brilliant as there is genuine sports news to talk about. Wonder how football will handle transfer windows if we dont get footie till August.

    If I was FI I would add some low end IPOs. There must be loads of them. Save any biggies till we get the tech but go with the drop them in without any warning whatsoever for low end players. No window, no time slot, no price guide nothing. Would generate them some money and give us something to discuss.

  • I agree all I want is FI to be strong when football is back, people should stop whinging demanding free money because they didn’t have a diverse port.

    I have a 9k port every player is down a part from my MB and transfer spec players; only have players in batches of 100 at the top end so not making loads and in fact just about covering my loses. But that’s life, wanting stupid promotions to make you cash because your port is set up for purely PB or penny stock CA simply should not and must not happen.

    If you can’t understandingly afford to deposit more cash or can’t sell your holds then sit tight and wait for this to blow over; come September/October things will hopefully be better and you’ll be back in the game.

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